Slime 100WC week 29

One night at my house I was running in my backyard practicing for cross country. I had to do one hundred laps in my backyard I was only on fifty. It was only 4:30pm so I decided to run a little bit faster. About an hour later I was having dinner, I said to mum “I need to go to the toilet. So I went to the toilet, After I went back to the table but then I heard something in the basement. So I went in the basement and there was slime everywhere! I couldn’t believe it. “I think I flushed it to hard!”. By Miquel

One thought on “Slime 100WC week 29

  1. There is no prompt sentence and you used a comma instead of a period seemlingly by accident. Other than that, I appreciate the detail and thought. I love it!

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