The BIG, but Tiny Fairy – 100WC Week 26

One ordinary day I was strolling along the footpath, minding my own business, then suddenly I saw a light, what was it, I didn’t know. I creeped closer and closer to see what it is. Then something appeared, it looked so tiny, but how can something so tiny look big?, but when I went closer I could hardly see it. Then I realised that it was a fairy. I remember from a book that fairies make a light but they are so big. Then said something to me, but it’s voice was so soft I couldn’t hear her. Then she wrote, her name it was Susie.

By Emily

One thought on “The BIG, but Tiny Fairy – 100WC Week 26

  1. Hi Emily,
    It is Maria and Alyssia
    You story was good and descriptive. 😉
    Alyssia thoughts: Hi Emily I loved your story I like how you made it like a magical fairy tale 😉
    Maria thoughts: When you said what was it you should have added a question mark not a comma and also I can see alot of comma’s maybe try not to add a lot of comma’s;)
    From Maria and Alyssia 🙂

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