100WC Week 26

Once there was a tiny green elf, he was only 30 or 40 cm tall. But he was AMAZING!!! He was only 12 years old when he: climbed Mount Everest, became president of Mexico, went to the moon, and did 156 more amazing things but this year, he tried to win the Olympics for Vietnam, and you guessed it, he won 93 gold medals!!! The crowd kept saying “but how can something so tiny win a gold medal?” Next Saturday, he had to win gold to win the whole thing, but he wasn’t wearing his lucky shoes, so he tripped and came third last.


By Joseph

One thought on “100WC Week 26

  1. Hi Joseph,
    It is Maria and Alyssia and we both thought your story was really good and descriptive.
    Alyssia thoughts: maybe when you said the elf must win the gold medal instead of saying he had to win the whole thing you could say to win the olympics. 😉
    Maria thoughts: when you said the tiny elf I thought it was a 2 year old elf so you could say the 12 year old green elf. 😉
    From Maria and Alyssia!:)

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