yellow giant – 100WC Week 23

One sunny day a yellow giant went on an adventure to the jungle. His name was Yellow Fellow. Yellow Fellow was from the city so he caught the bus to the jungle. When he arrived he didn’t know what to expect so he walked gingerly through the jungle. He discovered a remarkable sight. The trees were taller than Yellow Fellow and he had never seen trees taller than himself. Yellow Fellow loved standing in the tall trees however they made him feel quite short so he took the bus back home to the city where he liked it much better being a giant again.

By Lulu

One thought on “yellow giant – 100WC Week 23

  1. Hi Louise,

    A nice little story this week! Well done on including all the words in the prompt. You proof read your work well also. One thing was that you said he loved standing in the tall trees but then you said he liked it much better in the city. This was perhaps a bit contradictory? Keep up the good work!

    From Ms Fitzgerald

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