So Amazing!!! – 100WC week

I was eating my favourite yellow lolly however the lolly could change colours , it was so remarkable. I was so happy when I heard i was the first person that discovered a lolly like this . I gingerly licked it and it tasted HORRIBLE! I was happy I discovered something but I had to tell everyone not to taste remarkable lolly. I was so happy so I gingerly typed my name to see if I was famous and I was! I had a big summer party because I was finally famous! So I made many new lollies for kids and they were healthy lollies.


By Maria

One thought on “So Amazing!!! – 100WC week

  1. Hi Maria,

    I didn’t find your story as interesting this week as other weeks. It was a bit too repetitive. You need to proofread your work more carefully to ensure your sentences make sense and you have capital letters.

    “not to taste remarkable lolly” doesn’t make sense.

    I look forward to seeing a return of your high standard of writing next week.

    From Ms Fitzgerald

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