Crusty Carrot – 100WC Week 23

Hi I’m Finn! I live in a cottage with my friend Jason. However when I tell him that there is no Ice-Cream in the freezer he gets really yellow for some reason. I find it really disturbing. Anyway, on the the weekend I discovered the most remarkable sight ever! I saw Jason on the phone to my pet Carrot!!! How could he do this to me! After all these years!!!!!!!! Then I saw him gingerly sit down on Crusty Carrot’s [my pet] bed. What was he doing!! He was up to something really mysterious! I asked him what he was up to and he said Climbing Cucumber is not his friend anymore!

To be Continued

One thought on “Crusty Carrot – 100WC Week 23

  1. Hi Anthony,

    I liked your idea for this writing piece. You did a good job at including all the words in the prompt. A couple of things to note…watch your capitals…you don’t need a capital letter for ice-cream. Also is your pet called Carrot or Crusty Carrot? You also introduced a new character in the last line, Climbing Cucumber, which isn’t a great idea as the reader wouldn’t be sure who this is or how he fits into the story. The sentence ‘How could he do this to me’ needs a ? at the end. I liked your use of aliiteration. Keep up the good work!

    From Ms Fitzgerald

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