All the lights went out – 100WC Week 21

Suddenly the lights went out…                                                                                    

It was Abigail and Alex’s birthday. She was turning five and he was turning four. They had their party at a bowling alley. Then someone turned the lights off. Everyone was worried and scared. Then they realised that they were playing glow in the dark bowling. There was a birthday cake and it had nine candles on it. All the people that were invited to their party sang Happy Birthday. After that they played lots of games. Then they all went home and the birthday people gave them their lolly bag. At the end of the party everyone felt overjoyed.

By John

Strange – 100WC Week 21

Chapter 1 Work.

One stormy day in my office I typed on my computer editing the CEO files Well I am the CEO I thought to myself. Meanwhile a little kid runs into the server room and shuts off the server. Ok back to me.

“Man” I say I that little kid then it’s back online I go downstairs and leave.


Chapter 2 home at last.

“Back home” I say while jumping on the couch; Suddenly the lights go out. I rush to my office shut the doors and sit. I turn on the cameras for outside and see someone strange then BOOM! The door comes down and I see…


By Marcus

…Suddenly the lights went out..… 100WC Week 21

…Suddenly the lights went out…

I was curled up in my table miniature bed when there was a eerie creak outside my room. A blood- curling shiver went up my spine. What was going on? Suddenly all the lights went out, my heart was thumping  as I scrambled in the closet. At least I was hidden from whoever was there. But would they find me? The closet door flung open and I squealed. A stranger was positioned in front of me glaring me down with a terrifying look on his face. I was trapped.


By Beth


The Terrifying Scare – 100WC Week 21

One dark night a family was playing a board game (snakes and ladders) but suddenly all the lights went out and everyone got a shock, they looked around but they couldn’t see anything they kept on looking. It was very dark and everyone was so fearful they looked  in all the rooms and eventually they went in the last room outside the room was a sign saying do not enter and there was a gust of terrifying wind but they went in and saw a shadow of a really spooky…


By Luca

The abandoned house – 100WC Week 21

 One stormy night ,there was a family with a mum ,a dad and two girls. They were a normal family with a normal house or so they thought.One night they were eating when suddenly the lights went out. They thought it was a black out and went to bed and thought in the morning the lights would turn on but they realised that they still didn’t turn on.Later that night they heard a sound like a creak and a knock and then the door opened and there was a……..

By Alyssia.

Suddenly all the lights went out – 100WC Week 21

One ordinary day in an ordinary house a normal boy named Lucas he was a very normal boy but he loved to read. He even would even read 1,000 page books! So one night at 7:00 pm he was reading and his mum said “look at this” so I came. I saw the most magnificent thing ever!!!! It was a  reading certificate and it said “you have been rewarded 50 billion dollars!!!!!!!!!” I was super amazed it was the best day of my life. But then suddenly all the lights went out so I went out with my nerf gun I suddenly realised it was my friend. The End

By Miquel

Haunted Hotel ! – 100WC Week 21

One stormy day there was a hotel that a couple moved into for a holiday. But  they heard a few myths about this hotel.  They stepped foot on the porch and wondered should we go inside? Out of no were a khaki green man dashes around them and tied them up with a rope and taped their mouths. They  got put in a room. They were frightened and were struggling to call for help. He told them  ‘I have split personalities.  I can be very scary. He walked back through the dark (flick the light went out) They were never seen again…

                                        BY MARC

…Suddenly all the lights went out – 100WC Week 21

suddenly all the lights went out…

I was walking down the alarming hallway in my pajamas. I was anxious when I was walking. I heard voices in my head whispering ‘ Maria don’t be scared just come in the kitchen so i can meet you’ I did not reply or go to the kitchen . I heard footsteps coming toward me.I dashed towards the closet and hid inside with a knife in my hand. My heart was thumping and my spine was vibrating but then someone broke the window and came in the same room I was in. They reached in the closet and I saw……
                                             By Maria

The huntsman – 100WC Week 21

…suddenly all the lights went out…I went down to the basement and there were spiders hanging everywhere. I found the switch that controls the lights but it felt hairy. I turned on my torch. There was a huntsman there and it bit me.I fainted for 3 hours.  The fire people came and they found me lying on the floor. They took me to hospital. I woke up and I saw a bite on the palm of my hand. They said you got bitten by a huntsman. They gave me medicine and after two days in hospital I got out and everything was back to normal.                By Luke


Jungle – 100WC Week 21

One dead boring day I was strolling through the horrid damp jungle. My legs were aching. I suddenly saw that the misty Jungle was now pitch black. I realised that it was night and I was amazed by how many miles I had walked.

My phone startled me by how speedy it rang. My mother had called me she said “where are you”. I was so startled by where I was. I strolled right out of the gloomy thick Jungle.

By Sophia