The Terrifying Scare – 100WC Week 21

One dark night a family was playing a board game (snakes and ladders) but suddenly all the lights went out and everyone got a shock, they looked around but they couldn’t see anything they kept on looking. It was very dark and everyone was so fearful they looked  in all the rooms and eventually they went in the last room outside the room was a sign saying do not enter and there was a gust of terrifying wind but they went in and saw a shadow of a really spooky…


By Luca

One thought on “The Terrifying Scare – 100WC Week 21

  1. Hi Luca,

    Your story had some great vocabulary “fearful”, “gust of terrifying wind” and “spooky”. However I felt the storyline could have been better…rather than everyone looking and looking, perhaps something else could have happened? I thought they couldn’t see anything but then you said they saw a sign. You could have had more full stops so make sure to re-read your work to check this next time.

    From Ms Fitzgerald

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