The Haunted house – 100WC Week 21

One stormy Halloween night a group of teenagers came across a very frighting house. It looked very scary but that didn’t stop James, the oldest boy in the group. “I’m not scared it’s just a little house with cracked windows” James said in a loud voice. The other kids said that they should turn back and visit another house but James took no notice of the other kids and asked his best friend in the group, Jack to come with him into the haunted house and Jack said yes but the other kids were too scared to even think about stepping into the house so they turned back but James and Jack knocked on the door and called out “Hello, is anybody in here” and there was no answer so they started to walk away but suddenly the door creaked open so the two boys went inside. As soon as they stepped foot inside the door slammed behind them and then the lights went out….

By Dominique

2 thoughts on “The Haunted house – 100WC Week 21

  1. Hi Dominique. We thought your story was interesting. We liked it when the two boys went into the house and the door slammed. We liked your use of adjectives. Your story really made us want to know some more. Maybe in your next 100 Word Challenge, remember to use more fullstops.

  2. Hi Dominique,

    Your story is very interesting and the cliff hanger ending works well. I liked the strong vocabulary you used “One stormy Halloween night”, “very scary”, “loud voice”, “creaked” and “slammed”. I would agree with your previous comment that you could use more full stops. Also remember to use the 100WC prompt exactly “suddenly all the lights went out”. Keep up the good work!

    From Ms Fitzgerald

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