…Suddenly the lights went out..… 100WC Week 21

…Suddenly the lights went out…

I was curled up in my table miniature bed when there was a eerie creak outside my room. A blood- curling shiver went up my spine. What was going on? Suddenly all the lights went out, my heart was thumping  as I scrambled in the closet. At least I was hidden from whoever was there. But would they find me? The closet door flung open and I squealed. A stranger was positioned in front of me glaring me down with a terrifying look on his face. I was trapped.


By Beth


One thought on “…Suddenly the lights went out..… 100WC Week 21

  1. Oh my goodness, Beth, this is so scary!

    I loved your strong vocabulary “curled”, “miniature”, “eerie creak”, “blood-curling shiver”, “thumping”, “scrambled”, “closet”, “glaring” and “terrifying”. The use of the short sentence “I was trapped” at the end works really well. Congratulations on another piece of excellent writing.

    From Ms Fitzgerald

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