…Suddenly the lights went out… 100WC Week 21

I was getting really scared because all of the lights are out and I was home alone.


I live on the main road so I heard all of these scary noises of cars, buses and worst of all trams! Trams scare me so much because that noise that they make freaks me out!


I can’t ring Mum because she is at work all night and she said the if I ever ring her in the middle of she working I would be in a lot of trouble. Also Dad is away and if he was here I could ring him.

What am I going to do now!?


By Emily


2 thoughts on “…Suddenly the lights went out… 100WC Week 21

  1. Hey Emily!

    I really enjoyed your story! I loved the adjectives you used like scary. Some constrictive feedback is to maybe write more sentences in a paragraph.


  2. Hi Emily,

    Sounds like you were really scared in your story! A couple of things to remember:
    1. use the writing prompt exactly as given to you “suddenly all the lights went out”
    2. Try to use more adjectives and adverbs
    3. Remember to write in the past tense. We will work more on that, this week.

    Well done for your first attempt at the 100WC!

    From Ms Fitzgerald

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