All the lights went out – 100WC Week 21

Suddenly the lights went out…                                                                                    

It was Abigail and Alex’s birthday. She was turning five and he was turning four. They had their party at a bowling alley. Then someone turned the lights off. Everyone was worried and scared. Then they realised that they were playing glow in the dark bowling. There was a birthday cake and it had nine candles on it. All the people that were invited to their party sang Happy Birthday. After that they played lots of games. Then they all went home and the birthday people gave them their lolly bag. At the end of the party everyone felt overjoyed.

By John

One thought on “All the lights went out – 100WC Week 21

  1. Well done, John! I really enjoyed your story! I liked the fact it was very different from the other scary tales! Remember to use the writing prompt as given “suddenly all the lights went out”.

    From Ms Fitzgerald

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