The Ghost – 100WC Week 20

I skipped into my hotel room. I jumped onto my squishy bed and went onto my Iphone. Then I saw a shadow. It quickly pounced across the room. I got so petrified. I thought that I might be dreaming. AW! I wasn’t dreaming. I can’t believe I’m seeing a ghost! Then I heard a noise…


…the noise was SO loud…


It was a big thump on the floor. I crawled up into a ball. The noise got louder and louder. I hid under my covers only allowing me only to see through a little hole. The ghost rose again…



By Gemma

3 thoughts on “The Ghost – 100WC Week 20

  1. Hey Gemma,
    loved your story but your use of “I phone” wasn’t really needed I think you should have just said phone.Anyway I loved your use of adjectives for instance “squishy” and “skipped” absolutely amazing.

    From Dominique

  2. Hey Gem Gem,

    I really liked your story.

    I liked that it had really big vocabulary words.
    I like how you were being very specific like “I went under the covers and I could only see through a little hole.

    I liked that you used “ghost” and like it was “raising higher”
    Good job

    From Emmy

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