…the noise was SO loud – 100WC Week 20

I was strolling  in the emerald meadows. I heard voices in my head. The voices were louder. My hands were turning blue. I was shaking so I roamed very slowly. I heard someone say ‘come Maria don’t be scared’. I did not reply. I dashed forwards to find the person who was whispering to me. I saw the female behind the bushes. I tried my best to be brave but I just could not so I screamed as loud as I could. The lady was dying. Her ears were very fragile. Then on her hand I saw a bag I reached in the bag and saw……

                                                                                      By Maria


One thought on “…the noise was SO loud – 100WC Week 20

  1. Hi Maria,
    I loved all of the adjectives in your writing. It was so descriptive! You had words like Emerald. I love your cliffhanger. It makes me want to know more!
    The only thing that could be improved is to reduce the number of full stops and join to the sentences together.

    From Gemma

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