Washed Away – 100WC Week 19

One sunny morning two kids called Lucxter and Lucky decided to go fishing with their new boat because they heard the rarest fish in the world comes out! They hopped on and started the engine and went to the ocean to explore for the ancient fish. Then a  tsunami hit them and all the other fisherman. Lucky opened his eyes in a forest with boats surrounding him and Lucxter on the ground next to him. Lucky searched around the forest looking at all the hurt fishermen. He ran to Lucxter and checked if he was OK but he wasn’t breathing……


By Liam


2 thoughts on “Washed Away – 100WC Week 19

  1. A good first effort at the 100WC, Liam! Check your tenses and sentence structure: ‘rarest fish in the world comes out’.

    *other fishermen, not fisherman.

    I liked your use of a variety of verbs. Work on including more adjectives next time.

    From Ms Fitzgerald

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