Troll story – 100WC Week 19

Once upon time there was a prankster gangster who was on a boat. Then a huge tsunami happened but it didn’t matter, the prankster gangster just went down a level on his boat and when the water level dropped, he was in a forest and he saw the sun. The sun is a troll and they climbed up trees 1 year later they went on the boat and water was rising and they were on the titanic and nothing happened so and he woke up and he was in Star wars and they went in the escape pod and they were back on the boat

The end.


By Julian


2 thoughts on “Troll story – 100WC Week 19

  1. Hi Julian! I really liked your story. One thing I really liked was how your story changed settings a lot. I also like how your character is not just a regular person but an prankster gangster. One thing I think you should change is to add a main plot or just make it in order. But otherwise I really like it. Please respond at my blog. See you next time Julian.

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