The Evil Shark – 100WC Week 19

One day a happy family went fishing a little boy said to his Dad  I caught a fish! That’s good his dad said back to him. So they kept on fishing. They sailed far away until his father said. Were going back so he turned the boat around. They could see the shop they got the boat from in the distance. When suddenly their boat got bitten by a shark and it went out of control. “oh no”, said his dad they fell in a waterfall and washed up on damp forest. “where are we”, said the little boy. “I don’t know”, said his father.


By Luca

One thought on “The Evil Shark – 100WC Week 19

  1. A good first effort at the 100WC, Luca. Some nice vocabulary used ‘happy family’, ‘suddenly’, ‘ damp forest’. We will work on the use of talking marks.

    Ms Fitzgerald

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