The Boat Ride – 100WC Week 19

One day there were two unicorns and they were happy. They were so happy that they decided to go on a boat ride crossing the seven seas. So they hopped in their magical boat and set off. When they were in water they realised there was a butterfly sea monster and they started to sink but luckily unicorns can breath under water. Then one of the unicorns went at the bottom of the boat and used its power to rainbow fart and shot them into the sky and they landed in the forest and had some tea and biscuits.

By Dominique

One thought on “The Boat Ride – 100WC Week 19

  1. Dear Dominique. I thought your piece was interesting. What I mean is that it didn’t make a lot of sense. A “rainbow fart”, I mean it’s funny but this couldn’t really happen and it shot them into the sky!? But I really thought it was funny but kinda strange but keep up the good work.
    From, Dominic
    P.S check out my story

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