Dreams – 100WC Week 19

Once upon time there two people who were called Jack and Jeremy and loved sailing on boats. One day they were going to go to Ireland and sail there. What they didn’t know was they were in a dream so none of this was actually happening in real life. Anyway they had put their boats on the peer and were ready to sail. They had started to sail but they couldn’t move because they were on dirt. Ten minutes later they had worked out how to start, first they bumped into a tree and then a hundred more!

The end

By Anthony

One thought on “Dreams – 100WC Week 19

  1. A good first effort at the 100 WC. I’m glad you now know the difference between ‘sail’ and ‘sale’. Check the difference between ‘pier’ and ‘peer’. Also do you think they would be able to bump into a tree if they couldn’t move on the dry earth?!

    Ms Fitzgerald

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