Daffy and Bugs on the Dead Sea

Daffy duck was playing with Bugs bunny. They were playing a sail competition with their boats.. Daffy said let’s go on the dead sea but bugs bunny said no because the water will dry but Daffy did not answer. But they had to go to the dead sea or Daffy would be upset. Bugs bunny hates Daffy upset so they went to the dead sea but when they were in the water, the water dried and flooded Daffy and Bugs to the shore.. Then Daffy woke up and then he woke up Bugs and and then Daffy said what happened? But Then Bugs replied I don’t really know what happened to us?

By Maria

3 thoughts on “Daffy and Bugs on the Dead Sea

  1. A good first effort at the 100WC, Maria. Think about using characters other than cartoon characters next time. It’s important also to proof-read your work.

    Ms Fitzgerald

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