St Francis of Assisi

Grade 3/4 LB have been learning about St Francis of Assisi and what he can teach us about how we should act in regards to the environment.

What have you learnt about what our Catholic faith teaches us about the environment and how we should act? What are the things that teach us this?



2 thoughts on “St Francis of Assisi

  1. Hi 3/4 LB
    I really like your french words that you put up I also like your cyber safety rules! I really really like you St Francis of Assisi slide show you put a lot of detail on it I hope you had a great time learning this term!

  2. Hi 3/4LB,
    I was looking through your blog when I came across the post on St Francis of Assisi. The Google slide your class created on him was very interesting and from every slide I learnt something knew. I have really enjoyed looking through your blog, I can’t wait to see what you will post next time.
    S.A 5/6JCC

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