Asking questions in French

We have been learning in 3/4 LB to ask questions in French. Anything from asking if we can go to the toilet to How a volcano erupts. Here are some of the questions we are using at the moment.

Puis-je aller aux toilette sil vous plait Madame Boyhan?

Puis-je obtenir mon brainfood Madame Boyhan?

Puis-je avoir mon livre rose?

Ou est Oakley?

Comment Ca Va?

Comment est un tornado forme?

Comment des eruptions volcaniques?

Do you know how to ask questions in another language? Can you please share them here?

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  1. Hi 34LB,

    I am here to tell you some french questions. Here are my inquiry questions in french. Try and guess what the questions are in English.
    Comment un volcaniques en eruption et pourquoi?
    Comment des volcaniques deviennent montage?

    Good luck,
    Roman out

    • Hey Roman,
      I think your first question is: How do volcanoes erupt and why? For your second question I only know the first two words: How do


  2. These are some of the French sentences I have been using with my family over the week.
    Puis-je avoir mon dessert s’il vous plait?
    Où est mon livre?
    Puis-je avoir déjeuner?
    Puis-je aller aux école maintenant?

  3. Hi 3/4LB
    I checked with my Aunty Sandy because she knows how to say my inquiry question in Chinese. Here it is.


    And that means
    How do they damage the earth and how do they work?

    That is super cool and bye 3/4LB.


  4. I know how to say ”can I go to the toilet” in French ”Puis-je aller aux toilettes”. Can you tell me how to say , ‘what’s the time please?’ from Carlos ( in 3/4SW )

  5. Dans votre demande comment allez-vous parce que notre classe va très bien

    In your inquary how are you going because our class is going very good.


  6. Hi 3/4LB,
    It’s Anthony and these are the questions my sister and I have been asking our parents [ she learns french too] .
    1. Quest’ que est pour diner mere?
    2. Ou est moi football?
    3. Puis-je avoir moi iPad s’il vous plait?
    4. Puis-je avoir certains cales de une orange s’il vous plait?
    Can you guess them?

  7. Hi 3/4 LB,
    Some questions I have used in my family are:

    Puis-je obtenir mon tissus s’il vous plait?
    Puis-je avoir creme?
    Puis-je aller au football maintenant?
    Puis-je avoir Ipod maintenant?

  8. Hi 3/4LB,
    These are my french questions.
    1. Puis-je avoir un pomme?
    2. Puis je obtenir mon camra?
    3. Ou est mon ipod?
    4. Puis-je aller aux mon bedroom?
    Can you guess them?

  9. French

    Here are some of the french questions I have been using with my family over the week:

    Here are some questions I have been using with my family over the week:

    Puis je aller aux toilette s’il vous plait? (during dinner)
    Oú est mon diary, Mére?
    Puis-je avoir un lolly s’il vous plait?
    Puis-je play now (after doing my homework)


  10. Hi 3/4LB,
    Here are questions I have been using at home:
    Puis Je aller dans les magasins?
    Puis Je avoir in beignet fraise?
    Puis Je obtenir mon fruit?

  11. Hi 3/4 LB here are some of the French questions I have been asking at home:

    Puis-je aller aux toilettes s’il vous plait Mere?
    Puis-je obtenir mon livre s’il vous plait?
    Puis-je avoir crème glacée s’il vous plait?
    Puis-je avoir une pomme s’il vous plait?

    Thanks for listening!


  12. Hi 3/4LB,
    Wow you guy are great.
    Dans votre demand comment allez-vuos parce que notre classe va tres bien


  13. Hello,

    These are some of the things in have been saying in my family
    “Puis Je obitiner mon snack Su vu plait”
    Puis Je avoir moi crayon Su vu plait”


  14. Hi again,
    Forgot something,
    This is a sentence in Korean
    나는 우리 가족을 사랑해요
    This is how u say it
    Nanin oldi gajock ul sa Lang he yo
    And means
    I love my family


  15. Hello 34LB,

    It’s Roman here. I am here to give you the questions I have been using in french.
    Puis-je obtentir your ipad et phone sil vous plaît?
    Puis-je aller on la ipad sil vous plaît?
    Puis-je obtenir un pomme sil vous plaît peŕe?
    Puis-je avoir football meŕe?

    That’s all from me Roman!

  16. Hi 3/4LB
    here are some french questions I have been using with my family
    Pouvez-vous passer le sause tomate si vous plait
    that means can you pass the tomato sause please another is
    je peux aller ‘a la maison de Marcel sil vous plait
    those are some I’ve been using at home comment what you have been using at home aswell

  17. Hi 3/4 LB my name is George, from 3/4 SW It is great that you are learning French.

    “Mon nom est George de 3/4 SW. Il est grand que vous apprenez le Francais.”

  18. Hi 3/4LB I am going to tell you some Questions in French and maybe you can tell me what they mean in English.

    1. Puis Je avoir Le crayon Gris sil vous plait?
    2. Puis Je obtenir pom rouge sil vous plait?
    3. Puis Je aller au France?
    4. Puris Je obtenir pasteque at ananas sil vous plait?

    Hope you can figure out what they mean!!

  19. Hi its Christian from 3/4SW , I like learning other languages and french is very very exciting. I also like to learn Italian because my grandparents are Italian and I can talk to my cousins in Italy. Here is a question in Italian:

    Da quale binario parte il treno?
    What platform does the train leave from?

    Mum and dad asked this question a lot when we were travelling around Italy last year!

  20. Hello,
    I like how on your blog you have put questions that are written in french.
    In 34T we have been learning sign language. We have learned how to ask the question ‘what is your name?’ and we can also answer it.

    From Makayla

  21. Hi 34LB
    I like that your learning french and doing questions in french. French is a very nice language. we’re learning Auslan. Hope you have fun learning french.

  22. Hi my name is Hugh and i would like to learn how to spell my name in french please. We are learning sign language.I am in 3/4 T

  23. Hi 3/4LB.
    I like learning other languages and french is very exciting. The french questions but what do they mean 3/4LB you most be the best to do french.

  24. Hi 3/4LB
    in class we have been doing some languages to.
    We have been learning sign language, Greek and some Chinese.
    from Daniela

  25. hi 3/4LB
    I can see that you have been learning french.
    how do you say my name is?
    In my class with Mrs Grayson we are learning sign language. I know the alphabet, my name, the st bedes prayer and the rainbow song

  26. It looks like you are having fun learning French.Also your questions are really good I think the first one is can I go to the tolliet Miss boyhan?

  27. Hi 3/4 LB,
    You guys are awesome at French! I know how to say where is the toilet in Sinhala. It is Toilet eca coheda tiene.

    From Daniel

  28. Hi everyone,
    Over the week I have been saying in french
    Je un m aller a’ toilette maman.
    quand est diner pret maman?
    Je t’aime Maman.
    Like Romans if you know what each of these questions are leaf a reply
    from Emily:)

  29. Great gob 3 3/4LB. I think you’re doing great at learning French. We are learning AUSLAND!!! You should learn it it is really fun.I learnt french at my old school in Brussels.

  30. For homework this week in my class you had to comment on one of the classes entire pages. I chose this blog because I love how you have a languages page, since we are learning about different languages. I also love how people have to guess your essential question even though it’s in another language. I think this helps because your not only learning common phrases bu your learning more complex phrases in another language. Is the whole class learning french?

  31. Hi 3/4LB,
    In class I have been learning french too!
    How did your class decide to learn French?
    In my class everyone got to choose what language they got to do! Some people are doing french (like me), but others are doing different languages like Auslan or Italian. I am very happy that this year we get to bring back LOTE!
    What have you been doing in class?
    From Isabelle L (5/6N)

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