3 thoughts on “Personal Profiles

  1. Hi 3/4 LB, Dariusz here. I like your Personal Profiles ‘should / should not’ lists. These lists are important to know because if you do not know these you might accidentally post personal details that will show your identity.
    Does your friends name be in the ‘Should’ or ‘Should not’ list?
    Great job.
    Dariusz 3/4 SW

  2. Hello 3/4LB This is an interesting learning task and I looked though all the shoulds or should nots in a personal profile. I think they were all very thoughtful and I think your I.C.t learning is going well.

    -Hudson 3/4SW

  3. I like french i think your doing great we are also learning a cool language it`s auslan it`s cool you should try.


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