A Google Gift for Our Magnificent Mums!

In 3/4LB we have made a Google Slidedeck for our magnificent mums for Mother’s day! We have worked hard to deliver this special gift to our mums! Each one of us made a slide on which we put a picture and a message. We also created image chefs with words describing our mothers. We hope you have a super special day because you are our super special mums. Please leave us a comment!

9 thoughts on “A Google Gift for Our Magnificent Mums!

  1. Wow! What a magnificent Mother’s Day gift. Lucky I had the tissues close by. Thank you beautiful Georgia. Great work 3/4LB.
    Kylie xx

  2. Thank you Josephine and 3/4 LB for the beautiful Mother’s Day messages on slide deck. An excellent class effort!!
    Jane 🙂

  3. Thank you 3/4LB for this lovely slide show. I really enjoyed my slide. I am sure all the other Mums did too. Well done everyone.

  4. Hi 3/4LB I really liked your slid shows for your mums. I also loved the texts that you wrote for your mums. The image chefs were also really good and the pictures I really loved every thing about it great job I bet all the mums loved it really good job and good work.

  5. Hi 3/4LB

    Your Mother’s Day slides were amazing. I bet all your Mums loved your hard work on these slides.
    I like your work.


  6. Hi 3/4LB,
    I really liked the Mother’s day posts and I really like them. I think you all wrote a good letter to your Mums and I think they were all nice.

  7. Dear 3/4LB,

    I loved your power point and the description and the stuff you wrote about your mothers.

    From Mark.

  8. Hi 3/4LB,
    For homework this week we had to comment on a blog and I chose your’s. This slideshow is so nice and thoughtful and I can see the effort you put into it. It looks like it took you a while to put together. How long did it take you? Keep up the great work 🙂
    Mila 5/6N

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