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  1. I have learnt that Anzac Day is important to a lot of older people like ladies who had a husband who fought in war and has past away. Anzac Day is one very important day on the 25th of April. We remember the soldiers who fought for our country.

    By Izzy:)

  2. Anzac day is a time when we remember the soldiers that went to war and ended up dying. Anzac stands for Australian New Zealand Army Corps. Anzac day’s symbol is the poppy because it represents sacrifice and the shed of blood. The poppies were also the first plants to rise in the battlefields of Flander’s Fields. During Anzac day we have a minute of silence and this is the time when we remember the soldiers who fought in war.

  3. Anzac day is on the 25th of April, which is always celebrated as a public holiday. It is a day where we remember the soldiers who risked their lives to protect Australia. We wear poppies on Anzac Day because they were the first plants to rise in the battlefields on Flanders Field, we also wear poppies on Remembrance Day in November. On Anzac day, we wake up early to go to the Dawn Service. At the dawn service we listen to the Last Post and have 1 minute of silence. Another way we say thank you is by attend the War Memorial (if you live in Canberra). And last, but definelty not least, we bake Anzac Cookies!!

    A few years ago…. On a trip to Canberra, me and my family went to the War Memorial to visit our great grandfather’s grave.

  4. Anzac day is always on the 25th of April. We remember and honour the Australian soldiers who have fought in the wars since 1915.
    The original Anzac soldiers fought in the first world war in Turkey at a place called Gallipoli.
    A dawn service is always held at the Shrine of Remembrance which the veteran soldiers and their families attend.

  5. Anzac stands for; Australian New Zealand Army Corps. We celebrate Anzac day on the 25th of April as that was the day in 1915 when they stormed Gallipoli. They ended up being there for 8 months before they were evacuated. At my football game over the weekend I was able to remember Anzac day by holding a minutes silence, and everyone wore black tape on their right arms because that was the arm used to fire the trigger in the war.

  6. Anzac day is day where we remember those who sacrificed there lives for us. Anzac day is always on the 25th of April each year. Over Anzac day weekend if you go to a sporting game then they will have a minute silence to commemorate those who have sacrificed there lives for ours. On Anzac day there are also services that you can go to such as, the dawn service where you pay respects by listening to the last Pope being played at sunrise when the troops landed in Gallipoli. There’s also the Anzac day march in the city where past and current soldiers march through the streets of the city.

  7. I went to the dawn service last year and I was thinking about it today for ANZAC day. It was sad standing in the dark and listening to the bugle. I looked up why they play the bugle instrument and The Last Post. The song is a message of farewell and rest in peace. And the bugle was played at the end of the day on the battle field.

    I am proud of my relatives who fought in the wars. We went to the War Memorial in Canberra on the summer holidays and put poppies beside their names in the big long wall of names. The War Memorial was really fascinating and I really liked visiting there. They had really fascinating and rare aeroplanes.

    By Angus

  8. Hi 34LB,

    I am here to tell you about my expeice in the ANZAC parade. For me in the ANZAC parade you need to get there early.( I was in the navy group who were first.) I started to walk down the street to see and camera taking a video of the groups. As I walk past everyone I see lots of people and lot of bands. After that I meet up with the rest of my family. Lastly I chat to my family about the fun I had. It was the third time I have been in the ANZAC parade.

  9. Anzac days is a time when we remember the soldiers who have fought for us in the war.Anzac day is on the 25th of April when we remember what they have done for us.Every year we celebrate Anzac day.For 1 minute we have silence.When we wear poppies that is a sign of the blood from the soldiers when they died.The war was at Gallipoli which I went last year on Anzac day.Anzac day is so important because the soldiers have fought for us to have freedom.We thank all of the Australians and New Zealand soldiers for fighting for us.

  10. I attended the dawn service in year 2015 and 2016 at the shrine of remembrance. I learnt that the soldiers started fighting in 1915 and 2016 was the 101st anniversary of WW1. Anzac day is always the 25th of April every year. Every year we remember the soldiers died for us and their Anzac spirit which showed us how brave they were. Some symbols of Anzac day are: Anzac cookies and poppies, and a phrase that we remember is ”Lest We Forget”

  11. On ANZAC Day which is on the 25th of April, we remember the soldiers that fought in war.

    We wear bright red poppy’s on ANZAC Day because red poppies were the first plant that grew on the battle fields in France and Belgium, during World War One. Soldiers used to say that the red of the poppy came from the blood of all the dead soldiers.

    My mum and l bake Anzac cookies on ANZAC Day, and then we all sit down as a family and have afternoon tea and talk about the Australian soldiers.

    I feel sad on Anzac day because lots of little kids grandparents died fighting in war, and l feel sorry for them. l also am grateful to them because they died protecting our freedom.

  12. Anzac day is a national day of rememberance in Australia and New Zealand. The date is always on 25th of April each year. It was officially named A.N.Z.A.C. day in 1916. It is a day where Australians remember the sacrifice of those who died during the first world war- over 8,000 soldiers had been killed.

    Each year the AFL celebrates ANZAC day by holding a match between Collingwood and Essendon. At the start of this game a special ceremony is held to honour the soldiers who fought for us. All the players get quite emotional after the game. This is because of the soldiers who died in the war.

  13. On ANZAC day there is a Dawn service for any person to come to remember the soldiers that fought in the war, Also they listen to the song the last post.

    ANZAC stands for Australian New Zealand Army Cops. Also on Anzac Day some people make ANZAC cookies, there very nice. My mum and I made some! In the war some soldiers died so it would be upsetting. Every ANZAC day there is a minute of silence.


  14. We celebrate ANZAC day every year on the 25th of April. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. On ANZAC day we say ‘Lest we forget’ which means we will never forget the soldiers who fought for us. When I think of ANZAC day, it makes me feel sad but very thankful.


  15. anzac day is on the 25th of April. This day is a day when we remember the soldiers that fought for us at WW1. On Anzac day, we have a minute of silence to remember the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for us to live. During the war, family and friends of the soldiers sent biscuits that had a lot of preservatives and where very bitter and hard to bite. Now we make different recipes to make Anzac biscuits that we eat on Anzac day, they are made softer sweeter and soo much taster. We also use poppies to remember the soldiers, they were one of the only growing plants there, people say that poppies are red because of the soldiers blood that coloured them.

  16. Anzac day is a very important time that lots of people remember. It is a time where we remember the people who fought and sacrificed their lives for our country. We remember the strength and bravery they had and realize how much appreciation we should show their family’s and them. It was struggling and scary during this period of time but they fought through it. It was very hard because they didn’t have the resources we have now and they had to sleep in swags horrified every night for if they were going to people shocked. They shall not grow old, for we that are left grow old. Age shell not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them. Lest we forget

  17. Anzac Day
    Anzac Day is a day where we remember all the men and women who fought for Australia. Anzac stands for Australian New Zealand Army Corps. To show respect people often wear red poppies. Also, we make Anzac biscuits. But back then, the Anzac biscuits were hard and bitter and weren’t as nice. Another thing we do to celebrate is having one minute silence.

  18. ANZAC Day is a time to remember the people from Australia and New Zealand who fought in the war and gave their lives for our freedom. ANZAC stands for Australian (and) New Zealand Army Corporation. 2 special events happen on this day; the Dawn service and the ANZAC march. People got the idea of wearing poppies from Remembrance day. People bake and eat ANZAC biscuits sometimes.

    (P.S. This comment was really annoying, it glitched out halfway through 2 times!!!! D:< )

  19. ANZAC Day

    ANZAC Day is a day that we remember the fallen soldiers who died in the battle of Gallipoli. The ANZACs went out to war in Gallipoli on 25th of April, 1914. The reason I type ANZACs in full caps is because ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The biscuits they ate weren’t just normal ANZAC biscuits, they were hard and disgusting.

    Also it’s my birthday so yay

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