We are Historians!

This term we are learning to be historians. We had a ‘real life’ historian Dr Butler visit us yesterday. She taught us about how to interview people and to tell their story.

We have discovered that many artifacts can tell us about history but we can find out a lot more through people’s stories.

Grade 3/4 what is one thing you learnt from Dr Butler?

7 thoughts on “We are Historians!

  1. We learnt that interviewing people is more helpful than looking at pictures from the past because photos only allow us to see what’s there. We also learnt to ask open end questions because they give us more information than yes or no questions. We learnt to ask about similarities and differences so we can compare.

  2. Something that I learnt from doctor butler is that you need to ask open ended questions to find out info. If you ask no and yes answers you will only find out yes or no

  3. Josephine- I learnt from Dr Butler that it’s important to ask open ended questions. I think that it’s good that you can interview people so that we can listen to someone’s story. I also think that artifacts are really useful when it comes to finding out historical facts. 🙂

    Alyssa- I learnt from Dr Butler that we should ask questions that will make the person your interviewing more keen to continue the interview. I also learnt that if you can interview a person you will get the most informative information. 🙂

  4. We learnt how to ask lot’s of good interview question’s here are some…
    ~What did you feel?
    ~What happened?
    ~Why did you do it?
    ~Where did this take place?
    ~How did it happen?

  5. Dr butler talked to as about being a historian. Nate learnt to listen to someones story to find out information. I learnt that you get more information from a interview than the internet.

  6. We learnt from Dr butler that being a historian you have to ask questions to find out many different facts. You don’t always have to interview people you can read books and learn facts from the computer also photos.

  7. The 3/4’s asked to Doctor Butler the 6 w questions: Who did that?, What happened?, Where did it take place?, When did it take place?, Why did you do that? and How did it happen.
    She anserd them and she also told us about why she became a historian.

    The 3/4’s asked Dr. Butler said to us about history and people who Immigrants and that was her job was to find out people life and it was good. Dr. Butler was asking us opened ended questions.

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