Wow we made a frog bog!

We have been learning about biodiversity and now we have taken action in our community. We have created a frog bog so that all the homeless frogs of Boroondara have a safe place to come and live! Grade 3/4 why is it important to audit the biodiversity of our environment?

frog bog digging

frog bog planting

frog bog bird scarers

13 thoughts on “Wow we made a frog bog!

  1. I think it was an amazing idea to create a frog bog because all the lonely frogs who have no home can come live in our brand new frog bog. it is important that we plant native grasses and build habitats so the native Aussie animals don’t become extinct. A biodiverse place is a…great place

  2. A more biodiverse area is important because it makes for a healthier environment in our school. It is very important to have native plants for the native animals habitats. If we don’t create habitats for all animals our world biodiversity will die out and that would not only hurt the animals it would also hurt the food chain.

  3. We now have frogs at St. Bedes!!!!!!! Since we made a frog bog we have saved homeless frogs. They have food and water. This is the best chance for St. Bedes to save animals like frogs. Its important to have a biodiverse yard to save animals

  4. It’s important to make our yards biodivered because the more indigenous plants we have the more indigenous animals we have there fore we will have less extinct indigenous animals. We could have native animals and plants to make native habitats. Then we would have a biodiversed yard.

    From Lachie ! 🙂

  5. It is very important to make are yard bio-diverse because it will make habitats for animals. If we don`t, animals will start to become extinct. It was a great idea to make a frog bog!!!

  6. It is important that we have a frog bog to not just attract native frogs to attract other animals.We can also make bird scarers so the birds don’t eat the frogs. I think the frog bog is super cool! 🙂

  7. Our yard should be biodiverse because we can have more creatures and we can add more stone and logs and bricks (e.g: maybe a animal house, Lol. No because, when the catipilar committee started it keeps on getting annoying because they were making hospitals, jails for catipilar killers, gyms, homes and graves. It is just weird. Yes because, it is caring for the animals and creatures. The catipilar committee is the same as catipilar homes aka looking after them not really. The thing is that having a frog bog in a dusty habitat is bad because 1. The dust will go in the bog.
    2. The frogs will eat the catipilars.
    3. The frogs won’t even go there because there is dust in the bog.

  8. It is very important to have biodiversity in our school. If our yard is biodiverse it means if a specie dies out other animals will still have food to eat. At school we have started up action groups. One of the action groups is to make a frog bog to help keep homeless frogs safe.At our school we are not very biodiverse so one way we are helping our school have more biodiversity is we are planting more native flowers and plants. These actions are providing habitats for animals. Biodiversity is so important because it helps keep our environment clean and healthy.
    The end
    By Anabelle and Olivia

  9. It is very important to have a healthy environment. the reason for this is if I thing on the web drops then it will all drop. This is why i think we should look after the environment.

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