20 thoughts on “Friend or Foe?

  1. One frog sitting on a leaf hugging on a leaf branch on a leaf. It is very adorable and cute. It is waiting for a fly for it to eat because it is very hungry there are plants that have good smells so the flys are attracted to it then the fly goes into the plant it is a trap were there is water inside the plant and the fly dies in side then the adorable and cute frog can eat it. The End :)(:

  2. HELP ME! I have been stuck in this horrible storm for weeks and weeks and WEEKS! If I didn’t run into that hideous, soulless wicked witch I would have still been a human being and not stuck in this exact spot.

    I still can’t believe that meticulously evil woman stuck me to the spot.What will I have to do to get out of here? On the bright side I have this leaf above my head as a umbrella. Also a stunning, tropical, bio-diverse scene in front of me.

  3. It was an ordinary day in the middle of winter and as I was hopping along my regular leaf as I came across a beautiful smaller leaf shimmering in the rain. I held on to it and waited for a lightening bolt to cook my lovely emerald leaf. BANG lovely my leaf is finally cooked!!!I took a bite and it was so succulent and tasty. WOW, I thought as I finished my leaf I should really become a chef some time soon.

  4. One regular day I was walking in the forest and I saw Harry Potter being punished for failing his flying test. The Dimentore turned him into a minute frog instead of taking him into violent Azkaban. But he did take Potter to Azkaban because he saw me. I got my Lambo and chased after him. The magnificent battle lasted for minutes until I grabbed on to mini Potter. I put him onto a leaf and took a photo of him. Then I posted this picture on this marvelous blog.

    The End

  5. One impressive day while I was strutting down the forest path I saw a remarkable frog. It was beige and sitting as though it was looking for something. I wonder what it was looking for? Maybe a Wizard? Maybe it was looking for it’s mum or dad (if it were a child)? All I know is that it is a amphibian.
    The frog was holding onto a stalk with a sage coloured leaf. The end.

  6. ”BANG!” I woke up I was in a forest it was so luscious and humid, every thing was emerald green. I saw something in the distant, I did not know what it was? I walked up closer I could not see because it was tropical and raining. The rain stopped, I could see it now it was a bright orange frog holding a leaf. Then I saw Pat W sun-baking in the rain like the frog was doing the frog jumped on me, maybe it could be my pet? I saw Lachlan F he was only 2 and the frog scared him away with his red eyes. It was time to go home now, mum would be waiting.

  7. “So, I was just chilling in my AMAZING hangout when a TERRIBLE storm hit and a tornado wrecked all my stuff… everything got destroyed :(. So i’m now just Hanging from a branch above a lake, an ordinary lake except that it was a LAVA LAKE!!!! LUCKILY i have a long tong. So i grabbed onto another branch (with my tong) and pulled myself from that branch that was trying to kill me to a much safer, brighter and tastier (yep i said tastier) branch.

    The reason why it was tasty was because a bunch of other frogs that survived the tornado scavenged a bunch of food and sold it at an all you can eat BUFFET. Thank heavens that Jacob guy isn’t here to destroy (i mean eat) the whole thing. because everyone knows that he love to ea…run, just run…..HE IS HERE!!!! RUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!. OK, it has been 6 hours since the attack and it is bucketing down real hard. So i’m hanging onto a branch and i’m using a leaf as and umbrella”.

  8. One delightful, golden morning I went outside and looked at the charming sunshine, when all of a sudden a frog jumped up in front of me. It looked like he wanted to show me something magical. He’s minuscule froggy legs hopped away and so I followed him. He hopped for about 33 seconds and then arrived at the hideous destination. I knew what he wanted, he wanted his home to be more biodiverse.

    I gave him what he wanted I made him a frog bog. When I finished making the magnificent frog bog he started playing around in it. He loved it. Then after a while out there a beautiful emerald leaf started to grow. It started to rain and there was many trees and food that started growing. I think that he will live there for many years and some friends might come a long to this tropical place.

    From Lachie ! 🙂

  9. OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Its a pretty rainbow. But the bad thing is there’s a big thunderstorm at the same time. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH there’s lighting now. HELP ME. That mean witch got me into this I wish I was a human again sitting by the warm fire. Why is that witch so evil.Well at least I have this leaf to protect me, and I get to look at the colorful rainbow and the nice emerald, tropical, biodiverse environment.

    Finally the sun I have never been so happy to see the sun. What’s that? It looks like the witch, shes coming this way what will I do? Oh wait that’s just a wise old wizard who can TURN ME BACK INTO A HUMAN! YAAAAAAAAY I can be a human again. Yohoo over here. He landed in front of me ” please turn me back to my true self”. ”OK but why” ” because an evil witch turned me into a frog” Please turn me back. I will said the wizard. Finally I can go back to my family. ” Thank you very very much”.

  10. Oh no I’m lonely again like always, I just wish that there were other frogs in the forest for me to play with. I’m always lonely and even when there are more animals they don’t want to play with me because they say that I’m just a miniscule frog and they don’t want to play with me. All of a sudden it started raining, it was magnificent and the rain was glistening. I realised that I wasn’t alone and that I have this biodiversity to keep me safe and comfortable. I grabbed a leaf and put it over my head like an umbrella. I wondered why this remarkable place wasn’t filled with frogs. I like my emerald, magnificent habitat and especially the delightful luxury.

  11. Have you ever seen an amphibian so much like a frog? I have, and here is a picture of the little frog that I met…. It was just sooo slimy, um,and soft. It was delightful to meet a frog like him.

    I took the frog home and raised him as a pet. I made him a frog bog and he made lots of friends.

  12. Hi, I am expecting someone in a few minutes. I don’t know what he is who is coming. I hope he is a wizard and knows how to turn me back. Here he is now! Awwwwww he didn’t go to my lily pad. He went next door to my neighbor. I suppose he uses wizards as well. I think to mow his lawn.

  13. There were three minute, slimy frogs sitting in the St Bede Frog Bog, watch all the delightful children play. They where wondering why where the children so enormous. The children were also playing with us until the most giant people ever, the teacher. The children starting to leave and we had no more attention. Why did the charming children leave?

  14. Hello, I’m Toady. Although I’m not a toad, people call me a adorable little toad, even though I’m a frog.I may be small, but I have big plans for LOADS of different things that you don’t need to know about. Any way, feel free to come to our biodiverse hotel with free food it comes with worms,bugs!

    I’m very happy to tell you that I’m hosting it! But nobody comes now because there is bugs and worms for food.For example, Mr Lion is not a fond of bugs or worms but he does like meat but unfortunately we don’t sell any.So he got furious and ate Mr deer. Okay, now I have to chase Mrs Naughty Toad who is robbing the bank.Bye!!!

  15. One golden day four men went to a tropical island.The men’s names where Pat W Jacob D Pat C and Lachie F they were looking for this ninja frog.The frog said that he would be on a leaf with an umbrella the frog said he wanted to fight.Pat W said to the others if i don’t return the frog beat me.Then Pat W went to the spot were they would fight and then he saw this adorably cute frog.Pat W didn’t want to hit the mini frog then the frog karate kicked Pat W in the face and knocked him out.

  16. Hello my name is Frogy. Don’t laugh because it is not funny and I may look cute and cuddly but I am not. Anyway I am waiting for Mr Toad to view my shack. Get ready for a flash back! i went out to see my cousin who was not feeling too good. while I was away the Big Bad Bird came and attacked my shack hopping to find me. Oh here comes Mr Toad now. BYYYE!!!

  17. One gloomy afternoon, I was swimming in a flood of water when I realized that I was lost. It started raining so I quickly leaped onto a emerald green leaf. I saw a tall stem big enough to give me shelter for the night,the rain was glistening and every drop would slowly fall down the leaf and make a big puddle beneath it. I am delighted to be a frog and adventure the forests, I hope one day I will help people understand how much we need biodiversity in our world 🙂

  18. Hi,my name is Lily I came to see the frogs at the zoo.We arrived at the zoo it was very biodiverse. I got to hold the frogs it was cool.It was very tropical.the frogs were little and mini.It was raining the frogs were on the leaf one was rapping it body around the leaf as a umbrella it was adorable.I

    It was very emerald.It was also delightful.The zoo keeper said “we can keep one”we were happy so we said “thank you”.We got to pick the frog we wanted it was the best.So we went home and looked after it for the rest of our life!.

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