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  1. Hello, My name is Toad Snort. I am a 890 year old dwarf. By my age I think you know that I am pretty old for a dwarf like myself. I have been told that I am a talented, wise, puffy and weary dwarf. Some people say I am smelly and stinky and hairy but honestly I was born this way. I have learned many things in my unique life. In this picture you can see this staff. This staff has been passed down for generations. Thank you for listing

  2. One midnight I was traveling a on a bumpy road with Pat W. He was really excited to beat the wizard again in America. Pat C and Lachie F were there and waiting with a dwarf in the cage saying “I want another fight” Patrick’s. When we got there we saw a fat wise old guy who was the dwarf as we went Into the boxing ring of 21-Q. The dwarf got an army and we got force fields and elimination guns. The medical guy backed our side. The dwarf had bulging eyes. I charged!


    (This is a volume 2 on Patrickwos story)

  3. One night Pat W, Pat C, Dan D and Lachie Ford started packing to go on a boat to Tiger Land. We left at 11:11 pm, it was about 20 hours until we arrived in Tiger Land. When we arrived we saw this fat, mysterious, midget with bulging eyeballs. He wanted a fight so we gave him a fight. He was miniature so we had to bend down to hit him. When Pat C tried to hit him he had fast reflexes and caught the punch. At that moment we knew that he was wise.

  4. One afternoon Patrick W went on a plane with Pat C.They were going to America but they flied into this enchanting force field.The force field made them crash on this magical island then they saw this mysterious magical guy he was wearing a black belt.Pat W and Pat C were wondering why the mysterious guy was was wearing a black belt.Pat C asked and he said he was a the best at karate in the town.Then we wanted to fight the magical guy but then this little boy named lachie came.Then Lachie beat him up and after the fight lachie the two year old said he wanted to take a nap on the karate guys face.

  5. One night I was walking through the forest and I saw a funny looking dwarf man and then I saw Pat W talking to him. He had big beady eyes, he looked like a wizard. He was so ancient, then Lachlan F came along, he was only 2 so he was scared and ran away. Now the wizard was chasing us I kicked him he fell on Lachie F who came along he got knocked out.

  6. My mum told me a story about a Wizard who was very wise.The legends say that if you go deep, deep down into the woods and wander through the Crystal Cave you will find the Wizard. But there is a darker side to this story. My mum said that about 2000 years ago the wizard made a horrible Evil curse on the land but nobody lived that long to tell the story, except the wizard! People say that if you find the wizard he will tell you what really happened, but it won’t be easy, and anyone that has investigated in the Crystal Cave has never come out! 🙂

  7. Ahhhhh I screamed as I fell down the mysterious and haunted hole. I was very frightened and scared, I didn’t know where I was. All of a sudden in the distance I saw a big nosed midget standing in the corner of the room. He had huge toes and bulging eyes. He was as small as a dwarf and he looked like a miniature, wise elderly person. He looked really huggable so I ran up to him and gave him a big hug. He felt very very squishy so I never let him go. 🙂

  8. One night while I was in bed I had a dream about a Wizard living in a polluted town.
    There were two buildings letting out steam and the clouds were turning grey. He was standing on a mountain that only had a minuscule amount of grass. The creature was so cute. He had bulging eyes, a big nose and a long mustache. He is very wise. Now, all I was dreaming about was what happened to the Wizard ? Did he die? Is he still alive?.I wonder if I can find him.

  9. As i was walked up the hill. I came across an island.No one came up there before.I decided to live there.Then I kept looking around it was mysterious scary and magical.I picked up my wand and magicked a home for me.The next day a family came.I was angry and horrified.The family said “this creature is tiny and old”.Then i got upset and turned the family into frogs.Then I realized it was wrong so I turned them back.They said “you are a wizard”.Then I said “yes”.Then I said “sorry”.The family and myself hugged and the family was welcome to come again any time.Then I was nice to everyone that came on the island for a holiday.

  10. Once upon a time there was a legendary necromancer named Jim. There was also a legendary ogre called Mr tree. He had only been seen by the very best of warriors but everyone who sees him dies instantly if they are holding something made of wood. Jim wanted to kill Mr tree but his staff was made of wood, so Jim went to the blacksmith to make him a metal staff. Then he went to the enchantress to make her enchant it. Once Jim had his new staff he went to the coffee shop for some random reason. But the saw the ogre who worked at the coffee shop and killed him.

  11. An elderly man was strolling and came across a mysterious and magical wand. He wondered what can this magical wand do? Then he moved his wand around and said ”magic wand lift me up.” But instead of that the wand zapped and made a cliff. The old man moved back because he didn’t want to fall off the high cliff. He thought I could rule the whole world with this wand. He took it home and was super exited to use it and be the King and people could be his slaves.


  12. “I think that’s a ghost”, said the spy.When I recorded it in my spy notepad I got really excited. When I got back to my boss he saw the evidence and he couldn’t speak for five minutes. Everyone looked at him and thought he was mad, but he wasn’t. It was true. The next day my boss came with me, he was really surprised. My boss took a picture on his camera and said “should we go up and talk to him” and I said “yes”. Once we talked to him we thought he was disguised but he wasn’t. He was a dwarf .He was a very nice and friendly guy.

  13. Weeeeeeeeeeee that was fun but now i’m in a hole. I think its best if I find another way out of this hole. Oh look I see a light. I climbed up a ladder and I saw a cute Huggable little Dwarf/Wizard looking guy so I gave him a big hug he was really squishy. He had really bulgy eyes and a big nose.I kept hugging the wise mi-git guy with a big hat and I never let him go.:)

  14. Dear diary,
    I’m half way up to the top of The Enchanted Mountain. I just need to have a rest. I walked 150km already and I am exhausted! I need to get the magical ruby for my magical staff. It’s ancient and without it, it won’t work. Oh no! I ran out of water. At least I still have food. Oh no, I ran out of food as well! What am I going to do?

  15. One mythical day there was a person named Diesel. After school Diesel was walking home but then he saw a creepy scary place so he went in it. Diesel went through the door and he saw a old wise man and Diesel said, “who are you?” and the wise man said, “I am Gandalf”. He was magical so Diesel looked around. Diesel said,” why do you have big eyes and big nose?” Gandalf said,” because I am a wizard”, oh “ok” bye I walked back home and told my mum and dad during dinner.
    The End

  16. Hello earthy world, I am Blob. I wish that it wasn’t my name because I am not a blob at all. I am smart for lots of reasons, though but people think that I’m weird, which is very disappointing for me.I wish that I was not like this,but at least some nice people think that I’m wise although they wish that I was a bit taller because I am officially a midget, people think I am a wizard from another mythical world which is very true. Now I will say goodbye to you my friend, goodbye.

  17. Once I saw a old man sitting on the chair in an abandoned park it was stormy and grey. He uses his staff to change the weather to sunny. He has big feet, eyes and toes. The gentle man has a long beard and small glasses he wears a big hat who is he.

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