Grade 3/4 Biodiversity Excursion to St Kilda Eco Centre

Last Friday Grade 3/4 visited the St Kilda Eco Centre. While we were there we participated in the following activities:

  • Auditing the biodiversity of the park
  • Mini beast hunt
  • Looking at creating habitats for animals that have had their habitats destroyed
  • Looking at the habitats in the park and identifying bird calls

We had a great day consolidating our learning about biodiversity and learning new things to help us make a difference.

What was something you learnt, enjoyed or discovered on our excursion? Record it here to share with our community.

Excursion 3

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19 thoughts on “Grade 3/4 Biodiversity Excursion to St Kilda Eco Centre

  1. Our excursion at the botanical gardens was great! I learnt that if you work so much on a garden it will attract animals. The instructors were Geo, April, Peter and Bronnie.

  2. On the 7th of August 2015 we went to the fabulous St Kilda botanical gardens where the nice people thought us about the biodiversity of the world. and most of the worlds biodiversity and how most of it is in the first 30 centimetres of the ground that is bacteria. The part I liked most was when we went around the eco-centre and saw the frog bog and duck pond P.S I have a fear of ducks.

  3. On Friday the 7th of August the 3/4 students went to the Saint Kilda Eco center. We did a lot of fun activities with various guides. My personal favourites were the mini beast hunt with Peter and the tour of the gardens with Gio. In Peters group we put a cloth under a tree and then we shook the tree and what ever fell off we examined. With Gio we walked around the gardens and looked at lots of things like frog bogs,bird houses,ducks and lots lots more. I liked these groups because I learned lots, had fun and they were both genuinely fun and enjoyable.

  4. Last Friday our class went to botanical gardens on the 7th of August. It was a great biodiverse park. We had tour and learnt things about biodiversity with Geo, Bonnie, Peter and April. These awesome teachers taught us things like 1 gram of dirt has 400 bacteria and a shrub has lots of trunks. I enjoyed learning these things and scavenger hunting shrubs.

  5. On Friday the 7th of August the 3/4 classes went to the St Kilda eco center for are inquiry topic ‘Biodiversity’. I learned from Bronnie that weeds are something no one wants, trees native to Australia are ever green. Ever green means that it never loses it’s leaves. I learned from Peter that sometimes the aboriginals used to use some gum leaves for medicine. I learned from April that if you get a spoon full of dirt there are more bugs then the human population on planet earth. I also learned from April some bird sounds. I learned from Geo that there is 4,000,000 species of bacteria.

  6. Last Friday the 7th of August, the students of 3/4 visited the St Kilda Botanical Gardens. I found it very entertaining.Their were four guides/teachers, Peter, Bronnie, April and Gio.

    I learnt a lot like one gram of soil has 400 bacteria and one tonne of soil is 4 million bacteria.My favourite activity was when we went with Gio.

    The excursion was very entertaining.

  7. Last Friday on the 7th of August, all the 3/4s visited the St Kilda Botanical Garden to learn about biodiversity.
    We all learned allot form the guides. I learnt that all shrubs have more than one trunk and a hand full of dirt, from the ground, has more 400 bacteria.
    We had four activities and my favorite activities was the mini beast hunt with Peter. All thew my favorite guide was Gio. He took us around the Garden and showed us the different habitats in the garden.
    I learnt many things during this excursion. I also had heaps of fun!

  8. On Friday the 7th of August all the 3/4s went on an excursion to the royal Botanical gardens. we learnt a lot about Biodiversity and how we can get more in our school. There were four rotations and four teaches teaching us, the first rotation was with Gio. He taught us about animal habitats and how we can create them. The second rotation was Brony. She taught us about auditing an areas Biodiversity. The third rotation was with Peter. He taught us about how to do a mini beast hunt. And the last activity was with April. She taught us about bird habitats in the canopy, brush and grass. I had a great experience at the royal Botanical gardens and i learnt a lot.

  9. On Friday the 7th of August we went to St killda We got to see animals and insects like spiders. We saw lots of trees lots of palm oil trees.There was 2 frog bogs then we saw the duck pond. The person that was teaching us was Gio. The second one that we went to was Bronnie. We learnt about norrow trees. After that we went with peter and we learnt about shacking the trees and putting the bugs on the clothe. After Peter we went to April to here the tipe of birds. Then we went back to school.

  10. On the seventh of august learn more about biodiversity we got to look for bugs and other insects and birds there were frog bogs and other cool things and did you know if you pick up some dirt there are lot of germs in the dirt and then we got to do a little game could mini beast hunt we found a lot of some spiders and after we met some one who told us about bird calls and we got to find shrubs trees and other things before all of we got to lean about shrubs what are native to st killda trees and other things and then we went back to school

  11. On the 7th of July we went on the bus to the St. Kilda Botanical Gardens.
    My favorite activity was with Peter, he made us put cloth under branches of trees and bugs/spiders fell on the cloth Peter caught 4 spiders and on green spider was eating a jumping/house spider it looked so cool I’ve never seen a spider eat a spider before. This was the best day ever.

  12. The bit I liked most on the excursion was when we were with April. We got to count trees, and shrubs that were 1 metre or taller than 1 metre. I found 32 shrubs taller than a metre in that area of the garden. It was also quite funny, because AILISH FELL INTO THE POND! Everyone found it hilarious.

  13. On Friday the 7th my class went to the Saint Kilda botanical gardens. We saw heaps of shrubs (Plants with more than 1 trunk) with April. Geo showed us 2 frog bogs and there was back swimmers in one of them where the frog were supposed to be. Peter showed us how to do an insect hunt. But not a HURRICANE with the branches! With Bronnie we had to do a test on our recognition of native plants. It was so much fun!

    I hope that we go on an excursion like that again!

  14. On August the seventh year three fours from St Bede’s went to St Kilda Eco Centre.The people there were named April Gio Bronnie and Peter.Firstly we went to the rain man pond and then next to it was a frog bog.It had a lot of plants in it and everyone was trying to fined o tadpole.

    Then we went to Bronnie showed us Auditing the biodiversity of an area to my group. Then we choose a group the group was to try to find out something for an example native trees to Australia.Then we went to Peter we did mini beast shacking which means shacking a tree. See what animals fall out but don’t shake it like a tornado and when you get something look at it and put it back in the tree were you found it from.People mostly found spider butchie boys ants and bugs.

    Then we went to April at April we listened to how some birds calls.We then went looking around for plants a meter tall or taller.Then we looked for bird habitats and then went home.

  15. On Friday, 7th of August, all the 3\4 classes went on an excursion to the Eco Center in St Kilda. We had guides take groups. Gio showed us how a bunch of dead leaves can be a great habitat for lots of different bugs and insects. He also advised us on how a frog bog works and what we need to look after it. Bronnie taught us how to spot native trees (they are evergreen.) Peter showed us some mini-beasts that live in the trees by putting a white cloth under the tree and gently shaking it so insects can fall on it. Last we had April. She told us about habitats in the canopy. I learnt so much that day and I enjoyed it too!

  16. On the 7th of August all of the 3/4s went on an excursion to St Kilda Eco Centre. When we got there we looked around for a bit, then Geo showed us some of the habitats like the nesting boxes, frog bogs and the pond. All these habitats had animals or insects in them.

    Then we had Bronnie she showed us auditing the biodiversity of an area. We looked how much of moss and trees and all stuff like that covered up the area.

    Thirdly we had Peter with Peter he showed us how to hunt for mini beasts. We got some of a white cloth, put it under the tree and shook the tree. We found all different mini beasts like spiders, butchie boys and other insects. It was so entertaining and fun.

    Finally we had April. With April we listened to all the bird calls. We also looked at the birds habitats and how tall and small the trees were.
    It was awesome at the Eco Centre.

    By Lachie ! 🙂

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