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  1. Pig the pug was greedy and selfish.He lived with a sausage dog called Trevor. Pig the Pug wasn’t nice to Trevor the dog.Trevor the dog said “It might be more fun if we play together and share. “He said get your paws off my toys”. He said, “I know Trevor you just want me to share but no i will never share i swear”. Pig the Pug made a pile of his toys.Pig the Pug yelled “MINE MINE MINE” He said scoot away from my toys Trevor.The pile of toys that Pig the Pug was standing on was unsteady.
    Trevor got scared and worried. Pig the Pug fell out the window.Then Trevor got to play with the toys.They became friends and shared together while Pig the Pug was wrapped in bandages.

    • Pig the Pug was selfish and didn’t share his things. He lived with a sausage dog named Trevor. Pi the Pug was not nice to Trevor. Then Trevor walked up to him and ”Can we play together and share your toys”? Pig the Pug yelled ” NO IT’S MINE MINE MINE!!!! Then Pig the Pug was standing on the toy. All of a sudden the pile of toys started to wobble and they all fall and Pig the Pug fall out the window! Then they became friends and Trevor got to play with the toys while Pig the Pug was on bandages.

  2. This book was the BEST!!! I mean, Pig the Pug, WHAT A NAME!!!! I like the drawings the most, especially when Pig RAGES. it was very funny how he was covered in the bandages and looking grumpy. I give 9/10! I recommend this book from 5+ because its good for little kids to have fun with the rhyming. the reason why I recommend this book for 5+ because some little kids might not understand the book.

  3. The book Pig The Pug is a very humorous and poetic book. When you read it you will find that you are leaning a lesson on collaborative skills such as sharing and not to be mean to each other.I think this book is aged 3+.

  4. Pig the pug was not an ordinary dog, he was a greedy, chubby and ugly dog. Pig lived in flats with Trevor the sausage dog. Pig was always bulling Trevor. One day pig greedily took all Trevor’s toy just so he could stop Trevor using them. Pig built a tower and stood on it saying “Oi these are mine, go get your own toys.” Pig then fell off the tower and out of the window falling all the way to the bottom of the flats. Finally Pig learnt to share… Well at least while he was bandaged up. Oh what a great day that was for Trevor.

  5. Pig was a pug, he lived with Trevor the sausage-dog who wanted Pig to share his toys but he won’t. It is very funny when pig falls out the window 8 and a half/10. I recommend the age is 5+.

  6. The story of Pig The Pug has humorous illustrations, teaches people a lesson to share and it is very poetic. I think that it this book is for any age.

  7. Pig the pug is about a dog who doesn’t like to share. he is a greedy dog who won’t let Trevor the sausage dog that he lived with play with his toys. he ends up Hurting himself and getting plaster all over his body. Trevor got to play with the toys and pig the pug ended up learning a lesson, to always share with other people [ or dogs ]

  8. Pig the Pug
    Pig the Pug is strict and sad because Pug is mean to Sausage the dog. when Pug has allot of toys is fall down the hotel and went to hospital. So know Pug knows how to share.

  9. Pig the Pug
    This story was set in an apartment. There were two dogs one named Pig and one called Trevor. Pig was greedy and selfish. Pig had lots of toys, but he never shared with Trevor. One day Pig stacked all his toys into a great pile, with him sitting on the summit. All of a sudden the stack wobbled and Pig fell off and Pig went flying out of the window.From that day onwards Pig learnt his lesson. I think this book will be enjoyed by kids 5+.

  10. Pig the Pug is about a pug called Pig who does not like to share. In the book, Pig does not want to share with Trevor the sausage dog so he makes a big pile of all of his things than climbs to the top and accidentally falls out the window. He hurts himself and has to share with Trevor because he needs his help. It was a good book with humorous illustrations.

  11. One day there lived a very greedy pug called Pig, Pig lived in flats with a sausage dog named Trevor. Pig wasn’t very good at sharing, one afternoon Trevor asked Pig if he could play with one of his toys, Pig said “NO”, because he was too busy arguing with Trevor he accidentally tripped and fell out the window and hurt himself. Pig learnt never to be greedy again.

  12. Pig the Pug
    pig was a pug. He was very greedy. He lived with another dog called Trevor the sausage dog. One day after pig finished his big meal, he to the window to where all of his toys were. Poor Trevor did’t have any toys, so he went up to Pig and said “Can I play with you?” all of a sudden, Pig flew into a rage and screamed at the top of his lungs “GO AWAY, THESE ARE MINE, MINE, MINE!!!!!” Then pig piled up all of his toys and he didn’t notice that behind him was an open window and off tumbled Pig out of the apartment window. While pig was all bandaged up Trevor could play with all of pigs toys!

  13. Pig the Pug
    Pig the pug is written and illustrated by Aaron Blabey. The problem in the story was that Pig the Pug wouldn’t share any of his toys with Trevor, another dog. The solution was that Pig broke all his bones and he learnt to share.

    I enjoyed this book because the pictures are amazing and it is very funny. I think this book is for children any age because even if the child can not read, he or she could look at the fabulous pictures.

  14. One day there were two dogs who are friends named pig the pug and Trevor.They lived in a flat and they had heaps of toys.Pig the pug never sheared in till he had all his toys in a pile and fell out the window and that’s how pig the pug learned to share.I recommend this to all ages.

  15. Pig is a pug who is very greedy. Pig lived with a sausage dog named Trevor. When Trevor asked for Pig to share, Pig would get mad. But then Pig had accident and fell out the window. Pig learned to share.

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