Grade 3/4 Biodiversity Excursion to St Kilda Eco Centre

Last Friday Grade 3/4 visited the St Kilda Eco Centre. While we were there we participated in the following activities:

  • Auditing the biodiversity of the park
  • Mini beast hunt
  • Looking at creating habitats for animals that have had their habitats destroyed
  • Looking at the habitats in the park and identifying bird calls

We had a great day consolidating our learning about biodiversity and learning new things to help us make a difference.

What was something you learnt, enjoyed or discovered on our excursion? Record it here to share with our community.

Excursion 3

excursion 1

Biodiversity in Boroondara

Grade 3/4 LB please use the link to research what are the native fauna and flora of Boroondara and record your findings here on the blog. Then start to collect one image of each of these fauna so that we can make a Imovie trailer about the native fauna of our area.

Native Fauna

Native Flora