16 thoughts on “Where does the picture take you?

  1. One enchanting day, I found an elegant castle. It was ancient and covered with icy snow. There was a hazy sky and the ground was rocky. It was gorgeous. The snow was glistening in my hands. My hands were frozen. The castle was massive and it was different shapes and sizes. It was such a beautiful sight.

  2. “Yay! I’m moving house, I have to do all the unpacking Amazing! (all sarcasm). I hate moving house, especially if it’s to a massive and icy land on top of a foggy, enormous and Rocky mountain. Well at least I live next door or across the road from my friends. Mum says that if you climb to the top of the mountain you will catch “frostbite”.

  3. One misty and bright morning there is a boy named Dom. He went to a spooky and haunted castle. Dom went in and there was a doctor named Dr Who. Dom saw Dr Who’s minions. There are frosty mountains, but Dom fell down the blue frosty mountain.

  4. Everyday when I look out the window, I see the icy, foggy, enchanting and hazy mountains. The sky is so misty with floating clouds in the air. I start to wonder why it isn’t famous and why no one ski’s here. Two thousand days I’ve lived here and no one knows about this castle except for my maids.

    To Be Continued………….

  5. Upon the frosty clouds lies an enchanted castle on icy mountains. The aqua sky reflects on the freezing ice and blinds me. Some how the sun is bright but the snow doesn’t melt. There is a hot air-balloon floating in the sky with out any fire nor anyone in it. The clouds are as soft as a feather and when jump on them. I think it is a mystical, magical place.

  6. Pop! the parachute fell right on top of a glistening mountain filled with lots of white snow. I looked around me and saw an amazing view. There were icy blue mountains enormous snow slopes. As i looked above me i saw a beautiful blue and light blue sky. There was a gigantic brown castle that was very pointy and it had lots of small and big turrets on the outside.

    The End!!

  7. As i looked down from my Dad’s blimp i saw an enchanted and gigantic tower. I wanted to jump out of the blimp and go into the tower. Then someone appeared from the darkness and pushed me off the blimp i was terrified and scared as i was falling through the air. Then i landed through the chimney. There standing was a frosty, icy and pure white ghost. Then it pushed me out of the tower and i landed with a bang on the hard snow.

  8. For my birthday my mum and my dad took me and my little sisters on a magical,extraordinary adventure. ” WE ARE GOING ON A BLIMP!!!
    I was so excited that I cried with tears of joy. We all put on are most enchanting outfits and off we went! I saw a glistening, Outstanding,ancient castle surrounded by smooth,icy, silky snow

  9. Chased By A Yeti
    “AAH!” I was getting chased by a giant yeti and almost squashed by a icy avalanche! Although it was a amazing experience, I was scared out of my wits! Then I saw a ruby red blimp, I followed it until the yeti and avalanche stopped. I came across a suspicious and a enormous castle!

  10. Being chased
    “SHIVERS!” That was me shouting and running for my life, why am I running for my life well I’ll start from the very icy and foggy beginning. Well I was walking down a enormous, gigantic, rocky path and a light blue yeti came running at me! So now I’m doomed!”
    Good bye fellow friends in the gar-lactic world of inner peace.

  11. My Awesome Castle!
    I live in a gigantic, enormous, amazing castle. One snowy, frosty, icy morning snow filled up outside my window, so I opened my window, so I opened my window and snow filled my bedroom and the halls. I went outside and saw the snow doing magic tricks. For e.g. I saw a snowman building itself. Then a yeti came out of nowhere, I slid down the steep mountain and escaped the yeti. But then I couldn’t fin my way back up. I was stranded there FOREVER!!!!!

  12. One misty frozen day i went outside out of our old ancient house.It was foggy and gray my friend and her family came with a blimp.I was happy so as my family.We celebrated and we started to have a snowball fight.We saw rocky mountains we put our snow suits on and had fun.We sled down the mountains.Me and my friend Ava was having a sleepover for a week i was so excited.We went inside and had dinner her family went home i still had my friend Ava.We went to bed brushed our teeth and went to bed.We were ready for a bright gorgeous beautiful day.

  13. On an icy, frozen day there was a mysterious castle on a rocky, snowy mountain. It was massive. There was even a humongous blimp in the nice foggy blue sky. There was about 15 people in the giant blimp. Then i found out that the the enchanted castle was mine. When i opened the window heaps of snow fell on me It made me feel cold after it.

  14. One misty morning I woke up with excitement as my family and I had decided to book a hot air balloon ride. As we got ready I caught a glimpse of a magnificent magical castle through my bedroom window. I thought I was dreaming! I saw the icy powdery snow. I thought my heart stopped beating for a second or two. I started to cry the foggy wind blocked my window and I could no longer see the castle. Since that day on I have never seen that castle again.

  15. One creepy morning I entered a haunted house in arctic weather. As i 2walked in I saw a skeleton. he took me to the top of the humongous tower. There was a ghost shooting balloons at me. He was on a wine red blimp. I was not scared until it hit me.

    To be continued.

  16. I woke up on the chilly, icy snow . I had nowhere to go and nothing to eat I went to find help but I had no luck, until I saw a tower in the distance. I went closer until I found out it was a castle . I knocked on the door but no one answered . I knocked again and a giant yeti tapped me on the back . I turned around and screamed in horror then he ate me. I woke up in my cosy bed and realised it was just a dream.

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