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  1. As I look out of the train window I can see a beautiful sunset on the horizon. Blue, Pink, Orange and Yellow colors fill the sky. It made me feel calm, relaxed and peaceful as I look in the distance at this wonderful place that I was surrounded by. I feel happy as I can see the old train tracks and remembered when I was little and used to ride on the train tracks and train.

  2. One day I was walking down a railway in western Australia, it was so lonely it was dry desert food and water was rationed. I sat and listened to the rickety old trains go by, I do not have a home. My only company is my two dogs. One day Jerry was chasing Bob and then ”BANG!!!!!!!!” Bob got hit it so deppresing

  3. It was a cold and long night, the wind was howling and the starts where shining. My dog Henry and Jack came across an Abandoned train line. As we where walking along the Train line we spotted a little glowing pendent embedded in the centre of the tracks. So Henry and Jack went to check it out. When they came across the pendent, they got on their knees tried to pick it up. As soon as Jack touched it, a ghost train came whizzing along full speed ahead, Jack and his dog jumped out of the way and run home to his mummy and daddy.

  4. One sunny, foggy, bright and beautiful morning,I was going on a bike ride on the bike track next to the train line. As I saw the sun rise I thought to myself, where am I.It turns out I went to far because I was enjoying the sun rise.As I turned around I heard a TOOT!It was a steam train with a lot of smoke coming out of to chimney.

    To be continued………….

  5. One Day as i was walking down the beautiful hazy train track an amazing orangie pink sunset appeared in the sky. I was shocked by how magnificent nature can be. This beautiful sight just made my day brighter and more happy. The trees camouflaged in the sky as i walked past them. The breeze hit my face as i ran through the Train Tracks!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Birds are flying through the foggy, yellow, pink and blue sky. I can see trees, bushes, branches and grass. In the middle there is a train track. People are waiting for the train to come so they can get to their destination.

  7. My Recount:

    Last year, when I was holidaying in Singapore, my grandpa took me to an abandoned railway track. It was on top of a high bridge that went over a freeway. We went there to look for fighting spiders because we wanted to see them fight each other. We did not find any, but I had fum balancing on the railway track. My grandpa recorded me with his iPhone. I would like to see the video.

  8. For some reason I find myself in a forest. As I trot along I see a train track. I follow it. It might have taken me hours but it was totally worth it. The track led me too… you guessed it, an apple pie wonderland. Shame all this is just a dream, then I woke up feeling very bummed about it being a dream, until I look out my window….

  9. Billy was looking for a job on an adventure to a far away city. He had boarded a crowded train. As he looked out the train window he saw a beautiful, golden sky and a dark, red cloud. He was extremely excited and scared to go to the city for the first time. Billy did not know what to expect.

  10. As i was in the train. I looked out the window and saw a beautiful pink,yellow,orange,and light blue sunset. I nearly knocked over one of the passengers because i was looking at the gorgeous sunset. I felt like getting out of the train and being in amongst the sunset. As i popped my head out the window the wind blow in my face and i felt a sense of calm as i watched the sunset go into a moon.

  11. One sunny, beautiful day,my friend Ava and I, decided to go to the train station, to get a train to the city. We were looking trough the train window and we could see a very old train track ahead. As the train went over the old tracks,it was making a loud, banging noise.There were big floppy trees surrounding the train tracks as we were going past. It became foggy and then started to rain. When we arrived to the city,the rain suddenly stopped. We were very happy and excited. We had a fun and adventure filled day.

  12. As the train drives away I look threw the window. I see the old tracks and dead trees. I see an orange foggy sunset. It is very chilly. I hear wing gusting the leaves on the ground. The orange sunset fills the trees and it is beautiful.

  13. As dawn rose a young girl and her twin brother looked back to see how far they had been. They saw miles of nothing but railway track and trees. They could just see their mum waving goodbye in the distance with baby Liam in her arms. They are trying to find their father that went on a long trip and hasn’t come back for a long time. Their father went out to find a beach but hasn’t come back. They eventually found their father and brought him home. 🙂

  14. The never ending train track leads to nowhere and the early sun set sky is beautiful with the yellowy-orange shade. The train track is surrounded by naked trees and moist grass. The old wood on the track has mild and the metal is rusty. The magpies sang as the sun sets. No one ever comes here. It is an abandoned train track.

  15. “Come on, quickly” said mum. “We are going to miss the train”. I was filled with excitement as mum organised for my sister and I to go on a scenic train ride through the countryside. As we walked faster towards the railway station we could see the winding tracks that lay ahead, it seemed to go on forever. Approaching the platform I saw an old steam train that had been built in the 1900s, it was to take us on an hour long ride stopping at an old candy shop where we could buy ice cream and lollies. Luckily we packed some warm coats as the day was cloudy and the sky looked grey and there were strong winds.
    “All aboard” said the conductor. My sister and I scurried onto the train, I couldn’t believe I was about to experience my first olden day train ride famously known as “Puffing Billy”.

  16. One day i woke up in the middle of no were at this train track.Then i heard some one moaning and i looked were the moaning was coming from it was a zombie. so i ran and followed the train track and i heard more moaning and it sounded like a pack of zombies. so i ran into the woods and a zombie cached me and i turned into a zombie. then i woke up and it was all a dream but then a zombie came out of no were but it was Pat C dressed up as an zombie because it was Halloween.

  17. There was once a pretty meadow with a train track.I had been on the train before, but now it is old and rusty.Now trains aren’t able to take passengers.
    Trees lost their leaves quickly and the train track had been abandon to all trains.One day, when the sky was orange,pink and blue, leaves started to grow and flowers began to bloom.

    To be continued…..

  18. I was on a train to my brothers house in the country. I heard the captain say ” We have gone the wrong way to the country so sit tight and we shall get you there soon. Have a nice day” WHAT!!! If I can’t make it to my brothers 21st birthday he will hate me forever. What can I DO! How on EARTH will I have a nice day.

    To be continued….

  19. At the station, I wait for the train to pick me up and take me to the Great Gunfight. The Great Gunfight is like the World War of the cowboys from the west and the east. It is the biggest fight in the globe that happens every twenty years. The cowboys from the north team join with the west and the cowboys from the south team join with the east. I see a puff of smoke in the distance and feel the tracks rumbling under my feet. The sound of the approaching train gets louder.

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