15 thoughts on “How has life changed since WW1?

  1. .No telephones in those days.
    .House yards are muck smaller to fit a larger population.
    .The building materials we used e.g. steel instead of timber, plastic instead of glass.
    .On the farm we now have big tractors and other machinery that do the same work that horses used to do.

  2. It is a lot safer, when migrants started coming in they introduced sports like soccer and different foods like Pasta, risoto, pizza,fried rice noodles and all sorts of other good foods.

  3. Australia is more multicultural.
    Australia has more technology.
    More women in Australia work in the air force.
    Australia is more popular.
    There are many more cars in Australia.
    There are many more shops in Australia

  4. Most foods have changed cars have changed and houses have changed. Australia has bigger and better engines in cars now. Telephones weren’t made either.

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  6. In Australia in 1918 and at the end of WW1 Australia was lucky to keep surviving because we didn’t have all of the food we have now.We were just getting back on our feet when Darwin got bombed. Now we at no risk of having wars in our country.We are grateful because if this didn’t happen we wouldn’t of have all of these migrants come to Australia.

  7. Now it takes less time and effort to communicate with each other and people across the world. Instead of telegrams, letters and all that sort of things, you can now text message each other or email and more other cool ways using electronics.

  8. How has life change since WW1?
    Technology has improved, Kids do there homework on there computer.
    Other countries have introduced new foods such as Spaghetti and rice.
    The rules at schools have changed like NO SMACKING PUPILS.
    Our population has gone up loads because of refugees and migration.
    We have now got faster and better transport.

  9. Life is much easier today compared to world war 1 largely due to technology. For example communication has changed which has made it easier to stay in touch with the world. We also have the internet that you can text visit websites. It has also made getting around easier by making cars more accessible and cars are much safer. Back then you could not just get on an aeroplane you had to travel via boat. Finally, household appliances like washing machines and dishwashers have made housework easier.

  10. *Every day life has changed greatly since WW1.
    *Home life has become much easier. We have things like washing machines, mobile phones, dish washers and television.
    *There are many more migrants who have brought differnt cultures to our country.
    *We have many more different types of food to choose from.
    *Children stay at school for longer.

  11. My dad thinks that there has been a major change in the way that we work because of computers, a lot of jobs that we used to do are done by machines or computers. A lot of jobs such as teaching have changed enormously because of computers, we are a lot richer now. Almost everybody has a car and mobile phone. Food is now a lot cheaper and more diverse. Kids have a lot more games and toys, because their parents have a lot more money to pay with. In most families both parents work today whereas in the old days usually only the father worked. Because we have better health care today people live for a lot longer than in the old days. People are better educated today and a lot more people go to university. 🙂

  12. Australia has become far more advanced through research and technology and the cost of living which is always increasing

  13. Today, every family, owns and drives a car on bitumen highways and streets.
    Today, we also have cars that run on electricity and gas. We have mobile phones and the internet. We have computers, ipads and ipods etc.
    We have buses, trains, trams, motorbikes, airplanes and helicopters.
    We have microwaves ovens,electric ovens,gas ovens, electric stoves,gas stoves and dishwashers.
    We don’t need to wash clothes by hand, we can use washing machines and clothes driers to dry clothes.
    We have electric and gas heating in our homes. We also use air conditioners to cool us.
    We use pens, coloured pencils,textas, crayon and chalk to write with.

  14. Dad:
    *More people live in the city than on a farm.
    *Communication is better because phones have become available.
    * People stay at school for longer for better education.
    *Work places are much safer.
    *Better standard of living (home life and food.)
    *Higher employment for people because more jobs are available.
    *Australia is more multi-cultural.
    *Better technology in every day life.
    *Better transport because trains, cars and planes were improved.

  15. Life in Australia has changed in many ways since ww1. Technology such as computers,mobile phones, cars, household appliances, has advanced so much making life alot easier, it has created more jobs, changed the way we communicate and travel. People migrating from different countries have enriched Australian life though diverse foods, music, skills, language and education in general.
    There was also a great shift in women going to work and working in areas that were considered only for men.


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