Inquiry Homework

‘What effects would war have on a country?’

Think about your learning so far in Inquiry this term. How might

war have affected the country’s people and their family?

Discuss this with mum and dad and write a paragraph

recording your findings.

Record this paragraph on the blog.


effects of war

10 thoughts on “Inquiry Homework

  1. In war people die,families are separated as a result of war.People lose their homes and become homeless.They get injured and lose their arms,legs,eyes and ears for example.They can have permanent disabilities.During war,there is no work and money. It is hard to find food to eat.

  2. War would cause a lot of stress and anxiety to families because lots of their fathers, uncles, brothers and sons and don’t know if they will come back home. It is an unnecessary loss of life.

  3. War can have devastating effects on countries, people and their family’s. War causes damage to the environment, causing pollution, contaminating food and water making it toxic to humans and animals. It destroys people’s homes leaving many homeless. It brings about disease and illnesses leaving many families isolated. War also causes poverty and violence as people struggle for survival.

    Samantha 🙂

  4. Instead of real food like fruit and veggies they would have had to eat hard Anzac biscuits that tasted of cardboard. They were at risk of their lives and they could injure themselves badly. Their son or daughter might of died and they would be really sad also they might not of none they had died until war was over. A whole country could be wrecked or destroyed. I t would be really hard at war.

  5. War has many incredibly bad effects on a country. One of these effects is that wealth couldl be impacted. Only men used to work, but all the men were off at war. This means women had to find a job in farming, teaching, factories, offices or shop keeping. Now womem had a new role in society. Secondly, it could destroy a family because too many men were dying. This can also decrease population so the government were not happy at all. Finally, infrastructure such as roads and buildings would have been blown up because the enemy Germany used bomb shells to blow up infrastructure.


  6. During war there is poorness, sadness, no freedom of association, no freedom of movement, no freedom of the press, lots of refugees fleeing the fighting, people are losing friends and family, it is hard to find food and water, a lack of resources such as building materials, medical equipment and toys.

  7. I think it would take a lot of resources away from the country because people are fighting. It also would decrease the country’s population because there was food rations and lots of people went to war and never came home.

  8. Before World War 1 mothers would stay home looking after the children while men go to work. But during the war men left and the women stared working. Now, in 2015 men and women have a chose if they want to go to work and if they do go to work men and women work together.

  9. *We have a lot more equipment.
    *Most people have more than two houses.
    *People now travel around the world but back then they traveled by boat and it took longer.

  10. Family Life Has Changed:

    Men add women both participate in jobs now, but they used to just have the men working. All the children in World War 1 used their imagination to play, now days children play on electronic-devices.

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