What does Anzac Day mean to you?




ANZAC Day means different things to different people. This could depend on their age, their experiences or their understanding.

Ask your parents and the people closest to you:

What does ANZAC Day mean to you?

Record your findings as a comment on this post.

17 thoughts on “What does Anzac Day mean to you?

  1. Dad: ANZAC Day is a day when we remember everyone who has died in war. My Dad remembers a man called Mr Moore and he was a Gallipoli vetron from World War 1.

    Mum: Firstly, it is a reminder for Mum that we never want to have a war again. Mum thinks of all the people who died or suffered. Mum also remembers her Nana Walsh that died on ANZAC Day.

  2. My Dad thinks: Remember, honour,thank and admire the many people who sacrificed their lives to allow us to have what we have today.

    My Mum thinks:It is an opportunity to remember those who fought for our country and to honour their memory.

  3. My Dad: ANZAC Day is all about remembering the sacrifices of all the men and women that were in the war.

    My Mum: ANZAC Day makes me feel thankful to be an Australian, and she hopes that there will be no more wars.

  4. My mum thinks that Anzac day is about: Honoring the soldiers and everyone who went to War for our country. Anzac day we show our respect and remember what the Anzac’s had sacrificed.

    My sis thinks that Anzac day is about: remembering the people who fought in the War.

  5. My pop said that his dad fought in World War 2 and my pops Grandad fought in World War 1. My pop thinks that you should remember all the people who fought die in the war and that everyone should go to the Dawn Service.

  6. My dad:Time to reflect the Australian soldiers who fought and died in honour and respect of their country.

    My mum: Remembrance of the Australian soldiers who died in the Australian battle.

    From lily

  7. My dad says Anzac day is a day to remember and commemorate the sacrifices that the troops made on our behalf. He also thinks its a chance for us to reflect and learn about the perils of war.

  8. MUM: ANZAC day is a very special day. For me, it is a day where I stop and reflect on all that soldiers from around the world have sacrificed (in the past and present) so we can live in a free and peaceful country. It is a extra special day for me because my grandfather fought in the Second World War. He was one of the lucky ones that made it back home to his family.

  9. MUM: What ANZAC day means to me is remembering and honoring the soldiers that fought in the war. I remember big nonno who served as a chef in world war 2. ANZAC day makes me feel emotional.

  10. Anzac day means to me when we remember the soldiers that fought in the war. Without them we would not have the freedom.

  11. My Mum Thinks:Thankful,remembering all those who died in the war.
    I think ANZAC day is a time to reflect on those people who had past away in the war.

  12. On Anzac Day my mum feels emotional and spiritual, a day where she stops to reflect on what took place in Gallipoli, she thinks about the soldiers who lost their lives fighting to make where we live today a safer place and the families who never saw their loved ones again. Mum always buys a poppy or an Anzac badge and says a special prayer in their honour.

  13. My Mun sees ANZAC Day as a solemn reminder of the very great sacrifices that millions of men and women have made to create the society we are lucky to be part of.

  14. Anzac day to my mum means courage. Courage to fight for our country and sacrifice their lives for us. It is also very sad for my mum because she thinks about how so many men died. Some parents or wives and children lost their son, husband, or dad in war.

  15. My parents believe Anzac Day is a sad day. They think all wars are senseless because they cause too much sufferings for all those involved. How ever they acknowledge the young Anzac soldier’s courage.

  16. Remembrance Day for my family is all about remembering soldiers that have been brave and fought for Australia and all Australians in the wars. It is also a time we remember all other soldiers from different parts of the world that have fought for peace, justice and the freedom.

    I remember my two great grandfathers who were both soldiers that fought for peace and freedom.

    I am grateful to all the soldiers that fight for justice, our freedom, our rights and peace.

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