Week 2 Homework

anzacdawn service


Use this image to inspire your creative writing.

Your response may take the form of:

  •        A descriptive piece
  •        A story starter
  •        A poem
  •        A recount

Your response must:

  •        Be 5 to 6 sentences in length (no shorter, no longer)
  •        Use correct grammar and punctuation
  •        Self-edit your work before publishing to check the above

This must be published on the class blog before Thursday 30th April. 

20 thoughts on “Week 2 Homework

  1. On ANZAC DAy in 2013 Lot’s of people were at the Dawn Service. I infer that it would be very peaceful. People look like they are taking photos of the eternal flame. I infer that some of the people there are sad because one or more of their loved ones might have died. In the background I see two flags are swaying in the sky. I infer it is very cold because lots of people are wearing puffer jackets.

  2. On April the 25th many people gather and go to the dawn service to commemorate the service people who died or fought and survived in the war. A flame is always burning. People with family members who can’t come, take photos for them to see. The people who fought in the war were called ANZAC’s.

  3. Early one morning, on the 25th of April everyone gatheres around the fire. I infer they were at some kind of memorial. It looks ethereal because of the fire, usually it is pretty quiet . They say Lest We Forget and play sad poems. They remember all the people who fought in the war. They march to remember people who can’t march.

  4. On the 25th of April, thousands of people got up early to go to the dawn service, they all had to dress up in warm clothes. They all gathered at the war memorial, remembering the soldiers that died in the war to protect our country. They all gathered together around the eternal flame, did you know why it’s called the eternal flame? It’s because that flame NEVER goes out so we don’t forget. Inside the Shrine of Remembrance lies the tomb of the unknown soldier, no body knows who the soldier is, however, we do know he died in the first world war. Did you know that the tomb has a hole in the tomb roof and every ANZAC Day the sun shines right through the hole in the roof onto the coffin of the unknown soldier?

  5. My family and I gathered for Anzac Day. We were standing behind a gate near the front to watch the fire and remember who died at war. There were so many people who came to remember the Anzacs. It was very cold so we wore jackets but the fire kept me warm. I prayed for people who fought in war and died.

  6. Acrostic Poem for ANZAC

    Always have a dawn service in capital cities.
    No work for Australians and New Zealanders because it is a public holiday.
    Zzzzzz”was the sound of the bomb planes.
    April the 25th is ANZAC Day the day we remember soldiers who have died during the wars.
    Co-oporation between countries.

  7. Every 25th of April, Lots of people gather together and remember all the soldiers that died in war at the memorial. I imagine being at the memorial just standing there and feeling the warmth of the flame and hearing a bugle play and gunshots getting fired in memory of our soldiers.

  8. On Anzac day 2015 I was standing in the front row around the flame. I was remembering my nonno who came back from world war 2. I was standing with my head down in the gloomy minute of silence. I could feel the heat from the flame as I was standing there. As the minute of silence came to an end I lifted my head up. I realized how hard it would have been for the troops who made the sacrifice to let us live the way we live today.

  9. On this cold and raining Anzac Day, I see lots of people gathered at the dawn service. The crowd has come together to remember all the soldiers who had fought the battles at Gallipoli. There is a fire lit to remember the soldiers who have died. Most of the people gathered had Fathers and Grand Fathers who fought the wars at Gallipoli.It was a very emotional service.

    From lily:) 🙂

  10. On Anzac Day I woke up at 5am, I felt very tired. I dressed myself in warm clothes and then we went to the war memorial. The clouds were dark, it felt like it was still midnight. We all sang the sad poem ‘Lest We Forget’ and then listened to the ear splitting sound of the gun fire. As daylight filled the sky we found our spots for the Anzac Day parade. We watched the service men and women walk past, I felt very proud!

  11. One gloomy morning about 4 O’ clock my family and I decided to go to the Dawn service for Anzac Day, we had to wake up super early in order to approach the Dawn service. We were waiting for awhile, once we arrived I was feeling quite emotional, there was sadness in the air but also peacefulness as people gathered together to honour the Anzacs. People were taking photos of the eternal flame, some people had tears running down their face as the parade began.

  12. Early in the morning,lots of people got up and they gathered at the dawn service. They wore their best jacket and outfit with medals sticking in the top of their jacket. It was a cold morning and they sit by the eternal flame which symbolizes the nation of the remembrance of it’s war dead. The guns fire and a bugle plays a sad music,they all remember themselves during the war and others who helped.

  13. Story stater:

    I felt uncomfortable. I was being pressed against the railings. It was so crowded because the people behind me wanted to see the eternal flame. Luckily, we were extra early. That’s why we in front.

  14. Many people go to the dawn service on ANZAC day. People have to wake up early in the morning before the sun rises. Some people march for the men and woman who died in the war. ANZAC day a public holiday. We remember the soldiers.

  15. On the 25 of April we gather to go to the dawn service.We go to the dawn service to remember the soldiers that fort for us.People also go to the Eternal flame it never goes out so we always remember the soldiers.It was so cold i weird three layers of cloths but the flame was also warming me up we pray for the soldiers that fort for us.

  16. It was an icy morning on the 25th of April 2015. As we stood around the eternal flame I could feel the warmth of the flames on my face. Sorrowful poems were read and sad song were sung, we also listened to the Last Post on the bugle. Some people were crying and some others stood silently and remembered.

  17. On Anzac Day my family and I woke up early before the sun rose to go to the dawn service. I heard the “Last post” been played by a bugle and people saying “less we forget”. I saw the eternal flame and people crying. I think the people who were dying are friends or family of soldiers who died in a war. I got to sit on my dad’s shoulders because the crowd was giant and I could not see anything. All the Anzacs were brave and everyone in Australia remembers them on Anzac Day.

  18. It was a very early morning and it was very, very cold. The sun had not come up yet. There were lots of people who came to the Shrine of Remembrance to remember the soldiers who fought for Australia. Everyone was wearing beanies, coats, gloves and scarves. Some people were taking photographs of the service. The eternal flame was the focus of the service. Important people spoke about our soldiers and everyone listened and prayed.

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