There’s a Wizard in my Potting Shed

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Imagine you discover this ‘shed’ at the bottom of your garden, What is inside?  I can imagine it’s magical inside, much bigger than it seems on the outside.  Perhaps lit by candles, strange instruments on the tables, cobwebbed and dusty.
Behind you the door closes gently and you espy this man sat in emerald green robes, peering at you over his glasses, the candles flicker and die out.  It’s pitch black and he whispers….

What does the wizard say to you…?

Grade 3/4 publish your imaginative writing responses here.

17 thoughts on “There’s a Wizard in my Potting Shed

  1. I was walking in a forest. Then I saw a shed. The shed looked very old. Then I walked inside and I saw a rat looking Wizard dude. It said: Jacob, use the force. Then he disappeared. Then I walked outside. I tried my new powers and guess what? I could use the force and jump like a Jedi. I was so amazed that I had tacos with my friends. THE END

  2. There was a debilitated shed with high reaching trees. It is a very narrow shed on the outside but on the inside it is ginormous. When I open the door I peek in. I see little candles in the corners of the room. I see a wizard in a very ancient rocker he is reading a scroll. The wizard has a long beard and he has glasses.

    By Oscar

  3. One day I was wandering round my large gloomy garden,when I decided I would have a look in the intimidating mystical shed. I took my last breath of clean air and then opened the door with a slight creek. When I got in all I could see were candles and a wise old wizard. He was wearing emerald cloaks. Suddenly the candles crackled out and in the pitch black darkness the wizard said”Who Are You?”

  4. In a mysterious hut that was very decrpit and very humble inside, a spooky feeling crept up on me. When I open the door it starts to creak, and I see small candles and big candles on a very old table with a cross on top of it. Then the door starts to close very slowly and then I see a very wise man with a scroll in his hands he puts down the scroll and says ‘what brings you here?’

    by Marco

  5. One day I convinced myself to walk into the shed at the back of my garden.Before I entered I looked around. The shed was ancient and a dull brown colour with tree branches curling around it. I finally entered. The shed was lit up by flickering yellowy, orange candles. Sitting in a light grey seat was a wizard. All of the candles crackled out and it was pitch black. All the wizard said to me was “Get out you filthy creature”.
    The End.

  6. The Mythical shed of wonders
    Once I was running away from boy that were chasing me so then I ran into the bushes and I,m really injured.I was breathing like there was something got stuck in my throat.I was looking down then when I looked up and then I saw a shed.It was made out of stone so then I felt it but it was made out of marble. So it was marble in disguise. I went into the shed. When I was inside I was nervous. My body was wobbling on the inside and I saw a wizard. He was sitting on an emerald throne. He had a bottle of diamond dust next to him and he had a diamond sword. I was very still like a cube. He said I use this bottle of diamond dust so that I can shave my emeralds with my sword. I was not scared anymore and so I kept talking to him.
    By Melchior

  7. I was at home watching television then suddenly i noticed behind our trees in the garden there was a head of a horrifying gargoyle so i went to inspect it I realized that it was attached to a spooky shed . so i went in the spooky shed. and i saw some guy who looked familiar to me but then i realized it was Elvis Dumbledore
    than he handed me a letter that said Hogwarts on it……….

  8. One day in a French orchard there was an ancient and antique shed. It was filthy, alarming and a pigsty. When I poked my head inside a magical, spooky and gloomy wizard popped up in the pitch black shed. I was amazed,shocked and confused, I nearly screamed but I couldn’t because I was so scared.

  9. The Shed and the Wizard
    One day I was walking in a cherry field, I saw an ancient old fashioned shed. Once I got inside I saw a wise wizard, he was wearing worn-out clothes. I looked around the filthy alarming shed. I said ” Why don’t you do you do your magic thingy and get new clothes?” “No I can’t.” Said the wizard. ” I just can’t do magic any more.”


  10. Once i was walking and saw a mystical, magical, creepy mansion. As i strolled very slowly to the front door i opened it. While i opened the door i heard creeks from the door. I stepped on one foot then another creak! Then I saw candles and just as I walked into the old dusty place I saw a wizard. ‘Right then, he yelled what are you doing here?’

    By Ava

  11. Deep down at the back of my backyard lays a tiny, ancient shed. The spooky shed was made of stone with a wooden door. Suddenly the door creaked open and I walked inside. The shed looked humongous inside. It had candles all around the room. The room was silent an it felt magical inside. Slitting in front of me was a wise wizard with a green worn out coat. He clicked his fingers and suddenly the candles crackled and the room was pitch black. Then a minute voice whispered in my ear saying “I was waiting for you.”



    In the worn-out misty shed was a wizard that lived in the house for 4 years.When i looked up and saw the wizard i was terrified
    and it felt creepy it scared me out,I was so worried that i was about to cry,I felt quiet and horrified.I started to feel how scary it was.I heard the wizard say why are you here? because i need to get some flowers.Then he said if you are not gone on the count of three i will turn you into a frog i ran as fast as i could i was feeling intimidated and curled up in my mums lap.

  13. One day I was in the Forest and I saw a blue stone shed, I walked in and the lights flickered off, suddenly it was pitch black. Then I saw a weird looking wizard it said ”WHO GOES THERE.” I ran home just before it chopped my head, I could not sleep that night because I was so scared.

  14. One sunny afternoon my mum asked me to play outside because it was a magnificent day, so I did.I wandered what was in that old some what of a pigsty shed. I walked towards the shed opened the rusty dirty door and crept in, It was sooo humungus i could’t believe my eye. As I walked down the stairs there was a room and being the curious sort of girl I am I decided to go in,in the room there were candles i went closer to one and then all of the others just blew out it became pitch black then in the the distence I saw a man he was a wizard and he said to me you are in great danger! 😀

    One day i was playing outside when i heard a creepy sound coming from the shed. I heard creeks coming from the floorboards and mystical crackling noises. I decided to go in. I felt so scared and shocked. Then all of a sudden the lights went out. It was pitch black and it smelled like a pigsty. I heard the scary crackled noises of the lights turning back on and i saw a wizard. I felt so surprised and shocked. he was wearing an emerald green coat that was very filthy and greasy. He then says to me i was expecting you.
    THE END!

  16. One day there was this spooky shed in the woods then suddenly i here this stick crack so i ran into the shed.Then i felt something breathing down my neck so i ran to this light and there was a person standing in the circle of lights.Then i ran for my life but i ran into this massive thing and it was the person maybe he is a wizard and he put a spell on him self to make him massive.


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