Homework Creative writing

Write a paragraph response to the stimulus.

Your response may take the form of:

  •        A descriptive piece
  •       A story starter
  •       A poem
  •       A recount

Your response must:

  •        Be up to 10 sentences in length (no shorter, no longer)
  •        Use correct grammar and punctuation
  •        Self-edit your work before publishing to check the above

Be published on the class blog before Thursday




Picture sourced at: https://www.literacyshed.com/the-images-shed.html

26 thoughts on “Homework Creative writing

  1. In the distance, I saw a man walking ahead of me. Whilst I was trying to catch up my feet were splashing in the cold water of the small river. He was walking into the light ahead, so I kept following him. It looked like he was going into heaven. I do not know why he was going there. I caught up to him and put my hand on his shoulder. I looked up and saw Jesus.

  2. In the woods, it was dark and scary. I walked in the cold muddy river and saw lots and lots of trees. I started to see light and there was a strange person in front of me walking. I started to hear some strange noises and I didn’t know where I was. I looked around in the misty night and saw the person. It felt like someone was coming, as I could hear him. I thought I imagined it, but I didn’t. I was very scared and I started to scream as I was running away.

  3. Far away, in the cold and spooky woods I saw a tall and lanky person. There were all these overgrown trees and bushes. I was so nervous and scared, I wondered what he was doing all alone wandering through the mini river. I ran up to the person and asked “why are you out here all alone”? He answered back in a strange voice and said “well I just went for a stroll to let my anger out”. Then he turned into a VAMPIRE, so I ran away screaming “MUMMY, MUMMY HELP ME”!

  4. The forest was deep and dark. I was walking through the entrance and then I stepped into a puddle of water that led to a patch of sunlight. I could only see a little bit of the sun because it was to far away. I started walking through the puddle. Around me there were dead trees and patches of red flowers. As I got closer to the sun it was getting brighter and brighter. It was blinding. Soon I heard footsteps like mine but further away. I thought someone was doing the same thing as me, going on an adventure. I soon got to the sun and there I saw a little village with lots of people, houses and shops.

  5. One rainy night, i was in bed sleeping. when suddenly i was in some kind of weird messed up forest. the were cheetahs playing cards, and tigers having showers and Hippos taking naps. their was even a lion running a buffet. then a mob of bulls came running at me. all of a sudden i woke up.


  6. I cautiously walked beside the flowing river in the spooky woods. It was quite gloomy and really quiet. I was all alone in the silent unsettling trees. As I strolled next to the river all I could hear were my feet sloshing around in the cold dirty mud and my heart beating furiously. My mind was racing with fearful thoughts which I tried to ignore. Every time I stepped on a twig the cracking noise made me look around in fright. I couldn’t see or hear any animals but I had a strong feeling that I was being watched. There was certainly no sign of human life and I couldn’t hear the sound of any traffic I felt incredibly alone. One thought kept coming in to my head and that was that I really needed to get used to the walk home from my new school.

  7. One day I was walking through a dark forest. The cool breeze sent shivers down my spine as I felt the cold water splashing against my feet. I began to feel frightened as I walked further and further down the path. The air began to get so foggy that I couldn’t see anything. I could smell the wet leaves and the flowers that my nose started to tingle. I could hear birds croaking and strange noises that I started to feel scared.from a distance I could see something lurking and it seemed like it started to come towards me, I ran so fast I lost my balence and slipped into the murky water. I’m not sure what it was I didn’t wait to see

    • Hey Sammy!!
      I like how descriptive you used your words.It was a VERY detailed piece of writing.A goal for next time could be maybe you could shorten it because the descriptive piece was a bit long.But I liked how you used:
      From Elly 3/4S

  8. One day a man and his friend were out shooting possums, but not having any luck and just at the moment they were about to leave his friend disappeared into thin air. He was the one who knew the way there and back and the man went the wrong way and it lead into a beautiful passagway were the sun is always shining brightly and bright red poppies are growing around the lake everywere!

    Niamh 🙂

    • One day a Henry and Steven were trying to shoot possums at dawn, but not having any luck and just at the moment they were about to leave Steven disappeared into thin air. He was the one who knew the way there and back and Henry went the wrong way, it started to get dark and spooky and he heard very suspicious sounds. But it lead into a beautiful passage way were the sun is always shining brightly and bright red poppies are growing around the lake everywhere! Steven, Seven Were are you Steven Henry shouted and as he was rafting back near the shore. When he got to the shore he saw a familiar face. It was Steven! They hugged and said hi to each other. They both wondered how Steven just disappeared like that. But Steven secretly knows the trick. Steven taught his trick to Henry and gave him a pinch of fairy dust so he could play the trick on someone else.

  9. One wet night I was walking through the damp forest and I saw a zombie
    it was following me so i ran home as fast as I could ,but it got me so all I
    could do is ”SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!.”

  10. A girl was walking down a foggy,
    dark path though the mystical forest.
    The path was surrounded with giant,
    dull trees with long branches sticking
    out. Beneath the trees lay millions of
    red poppies scattered all over the ground.

  11. Patches of light break through the fog as the person is carefully splattering through muddy puddles. I think the person is creeping out of a deep, dark,foggy and mysterious forest. We infer that it is a cold day because the person is wearing a coat and coming in to the blazing open world, beyond the forest. I think it is in the middle of winter because it is cloudy,moist and the days look shorter.It also looks that it is forbidden and highly dangerous because the plant are overgrown.The puddle looks as though it is attched to a creek or river that is flowing down from a mountain or hill, also it looks very stoney and rocky making it difficult to walk in.

  12. I think it i dusk and the brilliant sun is setting. The wind is howling through the towering trees. A girl is searching for her mythical pet which is some sort of dinosaur. It has wandered off. She is standing in the icy, running water. Out of the slim river comes a dark and gloomy shadow. She can hear the water falling off the creature as it rises slowly out of the river. She focuses her sky blue eyes to get a better look. She is overjoyed as she has found her pet. After that she uses the smell of her mum’s home cooking to lead them home.

  13. Once upon a time there was a little girl named Sarah. Sarah was going to her grandmothers house, but then got lost. She was in a scary forest. The sun was bright and Sarah was walking along the puddles. She heard many noises, spooky noises. She heard her grandmother calling and followed her voice out of the forest and all the way home where they had dinner together.

  14. I was a spy and I was searching for the MG846 plane crash. I received reports of an accident location so I went to investigate in the forest. I walked along the oozy, cold muddy water. I found a bright light and walked towards it. It turns out that blinding light was a colossal fire caused by the crash. But when I got there the powerful gust blew, the fire had spread and I ran in horror. The thick smoke followed me and I ran back to base as fast as a professional runner. When I got back there I had some refreshing water and sheltered. Thank goodness I was now safe.

  15. It was dark and cold in the forest and the wind was howling through the trees. In the distance a woman was walking towards the light. I wonder what she will find of the other side of the stream. Will the stream lead to gold, diamonds or crystal? Is there a secret tunnel leading her home? She has seen a shadow in the distance, what could it be?

  16. One spooky night, I saw a person walking into the forest. As I watched him, I could see that he must have been cold because of the chilly night. I like this forest because of the tall trees, the silent river and the beautiful red poppies. I also like it because it’s always calm and quite. I wonder who he is and why he is here? I have a lot of questions about him. Then I heard a noise, I turned around and saw a wolf! So I ran, I ran as fast as I could. But the wolf was caching up. It was not long now that he would eat me. Then suddenly I woke up, it was all a dream!

  17. One day i saw this shadow when the sun was rising. So I ran for my life but when i looked bake it was my mum so i hugged her but it was a murder. Know one has ever seen that person ever again?

  18. The little girl was scared and lonely. She was lost and frightened. Where was she? All she knew was she was lost in the woods. The girl felt cold, she could not stop shivering. Her feet were wet from walking through the icy, stream. The ground was muddy and slippery. She wanted to go home, where it was warm and where her mum and dad would be there to hug her and comfort her. Instead she was lost and sad, stranded in the cold. She hoped and prayed she would find her way home soon. Or that she would be rescued soon.

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