Hi we have been making maps on Google in term 4. My map includes landmarks, states, territories, and capital cities.

P: I liked how we got to make digital adjustments to our map. I liked how we could add it on this blog.

M: I hated that we cant add 3D affects. 

I: I was interested in the facts I researched. I learnt that Sydney contains 20% of Australia.


Lachie’s Map of Australia!

In 3/4LB we have been learning about geographical features. So in I.C.T. we create a map of Australia and when we are done then we can do the same with a map of neighboring countries. In our map we have to include the Capital Cities, the States and Territories, Landmarks and some houses.

P- I loved the way we could put our houses and Landmarks. It was a really hard activity, but I learnt how to do it and it was fun and entertaining.

M-  I think that it will be sad because the term is nearly over so I can’t do the maps with Ms Fitzgerald.

I-  It was interesting because we learnt how to post on our class blog.


My Maps!

Bridget’s Map Of Australia

In term 4 we have been learning about the geographical features of Australia and our neighboring countries. In ICT we have been creating maps of Australia including all its capital cities, states, territories , some landmarks  and some famous rivers.

P  I really enjoyed this. It was fun learning about Australia and how to use my maps website. I didn’t know you could create a map on a computer.

M  I don’t have any minuses about this I loved doing it and I will show my whole family about this.

I  I found it interesting to add markers and type my information on the markers and change the colours and shapes. I didn’t even know my maps existed. 

Bridget’s map of Australia

El’s Map Of Australia

In term 4, in ICT I learnt about how to create a map of Australia including all its capital cities, territories, states, some landmarks, population and rivers.

P :  I really enjoyed learning how to use this website because I now know how to change the markers on maps and the colours. I also learnt how to search up a picture of the thing that I was researching. it was really fun!!! 

M :  It was a bit tricky for me to get the population of each capital city because it doesn’t know the exact amount for this year. 

I :   It was very interesting that something that looked so hard was very easy.


El’s Map of Australia

Matthew’s Map of Australia

In term 4 we have been learning about Geography and Australia in I.C.T. and about Australia’s Capital city’s, Territory’s and States.


P- I liked how we could search any place in Australia and it would come up. I put my house

M-  I think it will be sad because we be able to do it for much longer

I- I learnt that my maps could get a picture of every place in Australia

Matthew’s Map

Gerard’s Australia Map

In term 4 we have been having ICT lessons.In ICT we have been learning about how to make a map and we created our map on Australia.We  learnt about all the States and Territories and the capital cities we also learnt about the land marks. 


P:This term in ICT we got to learn lots about Australia and create a map about Australia some of the information.

M:The difficult things that I found this term in ICT were that we had to put all our knowledge on Australia on to a map and put it all into your own words.

I:Something that i thought was interesting is we got to use Google maps to make a map on Australia.

                                                                                                                             Gerard’s Map

Jason’s Australia Map

This term we have been learning about the states, territories and landmarks of Australia. In our ICT classes we have been creating our own maps of Australia. We included the states, territories, landmarks and even my own house!

P: I like how we could add the landmarks and my house.

M:I think it will sad because the end of term is nearly finished and we will have no more classes with Mrs Fiztgerald.

I: I learned that mymaps can get a picture of every place in the world.

Jason’s Map

Elly’s Australia map!

In 3/4LB we have learnt lots of geographical features about Australia .We have put in the capital city, states,territory and landmark. We had some information for each landmark. In each landmark I have chosen lots of pictures for it.

P:I liked looking though all the pictures we could chose from.Some were ancient and others were amazingly pretty.   

M:It was hard getting the information for each landmarks.Because we couldn’t copy paste .


I : I learnt lots of interesting facts about each landmarks. 

Elly’s Australia map!!!!!