Edwina’s Map

This term we have been learning how to create maps of Australia and other countries.

P – It was fun finding information, states, territories, capital cities and landmarks.

M – I think that it is sad that the term is coming to an end and we are not able to create more maps with Ms Fitzgerald.

I – What I found interesting was Perth founded on the 12th of June, 1829.

My Map

Alice’s map of Australia

In term 4 we have been learning to create maps of Australia and the neighbouring countries that surround it.

In ICT classes we had to add in the capital cities, states, territories and landmarks.

P – I loved learning how to make the maps because now I can make them at home with no help.

M – I think that it is sad that the term is nearly over and we won’t be able to make more maps with Ms Fitzgerald.

I – It was interesting learning how to post our maps onto our class blog.


Alice’s map

Ben’s map of Australia

In term 4 we have been learning about states and capital city of Australia and naming them. we have also named the landmarks and write captions.

we also have been   learning about this in I.C.T. we have learning about whats surrounding us as well.


P: the best thing was finding my home.

M: I didn’t like naming the states and capital cities.

I: The interesting facts were that  the MCG is popular. something else is that you can find your house on the computer.

Ben’s map

Luke’s Map of Australia

Our inquiry topic this term was about Australia and we took ICT lessons. We made our very own maps of Australia and all its featrues .We found info and put pins on the states, capitals and landmarks. we had a fun time and worked very hard on this project.


P: I liked this task because it was fun and exiting making the map

M: it was a bit hard going through all the new steps and that but we got there in the end

I: finding all the interesting facts

Luke’s map


We are communicating our new knowledge about India by collaborating in small groups to create movies. Please watch our creative movies and let us know what you think and what you know about India.


What is it like to live in a neighboring country?


Today we have learnt about one of Australia’s neighboring countries called the Republic of India. It has a population of 1.2 billion people, that is so much bigger than Australia’s population! The capital city is New Dehli and an important landmark is the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal was built by an Emperor for his wife’s tomb. She died giving birth to their 14th child! The north of India is lined by the Himalayan Mountains. The Ganges River flows form the Himalayan Mountains to Bangladesh. This river is important to Hindu people because they scatter the ashes of their dead relatives there.

Grade 3 /4 what have you learnt about India? Visitors what interesting facts do you know about India?