18 thoughts on “Sports Day

  1. I saw girls lining up to do their 810m run. I felt very nervous as I lined up with everyone else. I thought I would win. Then the horn blow and I took off. I was in front , nobody could catch me. Then, I was up to my second lap, I was really pumped to win. I crossed the line first and………I WON!!!

    I saw the 100m track when I arrived at the athletics ground and got so excited. Then we went over to the start of the track, I was in the first race. I wanted to win and I thought I would win too. Before the race started I felt nervous.I WON (I came first.) After the race I felt HAPPY. Then I went on to my next event….

  3. I was ready to start the race.
    I saw everyone lined up in their house colours shaking nervously.
    I felt very nervous but also very excited because I so badly wanted to come first.
    I thought that I could have a chance at coming first, but I stood tall and tried my best.
    I wanted to do my best, and try hard.

    By Alice πŸ˜‰

  4. On Athletics Day…
    – I saw many students participating in heaps of events.
    – I also felt excited that we would in lots of fun events.

    I thought Athletics Day was great!
    I wanted to do it all again!

  5. On Athletics day
    I wanted to come first in the 200 meter race but I came third instead and I thought that was a great achievement. I felt scared when the gun shot went off, it made me scream (it really did!!) I saw my best friend (Yasmine) come first in the 100 meter race and I was very happy for her!!

  6. Sports Day

    I saw the finish line. I felt nervous. I wanted to win for the rest of my house. I thought that it might be hard, considering that it looked like a long distance. So, deciding that I would run like the wind, I heard the gun fire in my ears. Then I felt the feeling of pride run through me as I completed the race.

  7. I saw the crowd cheering with excitement. I wanted to perform at my best. I also wanted to participate in the 800. I felt my heart beat real fast. I thought I could win the 200 but unfortunately I came 4th.

  8. I thought the day at athletics was a great day because every body had a great time and every body contributid.I saw people running and very tyred.I wanted to go to districked because it was the next stage aswell.I also wanted to run as soon as I got there because I was so cean to start. I also wanted to eat my lunch because I was very hungrey without a breack.

  9. I saw other children in my team colour trying hard in the aerobics section on the day. I felt exited when the events were about to begin. I thought how much fun it was to participate in my favourite events. I wanted to try my best in each of the events. I felt tired when the day was over.

  10. Disco!
    On Friday the 15th August, St.Bedes had their school disco. When I walked into the disco, I saw lots of people playing and having a great time. I enjoyed dancing to the music and playing with my friends. I particularly enjoyed doing the limbo which we played in a large circle. At the end of the night everyone said goodbye as the parents came to collect their children.

  11. I felt confident as we were about to start the relay I thought blue was going to win. Then I heard the gun go of we had a good start and we were in first. I ran seventh legand when it was my turn to run I still felt confident because we were winning. I ran and ran as fast as I could. WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO BLUE!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  12. Sports Day

    I saw the track and felt a little bit nervous. I thought about nothing else but getting to the finish line, because I wanted a ribbon. I felt excited when I received my ribbon. I wanted to get a 1st ribbon, but I am still happy with a 3rd. I thought that all of my team mates tried their best in all events. I saw lots of parents and friends supporting their children and friends.

    By El!!!

  13. Sports Day!!!!!

    As I walked along the field I felt confident because I thought that I would do a good job. I wanted to get a 1st place ribbon. I got a 3rd place ribbon instead. I felt happy because it was my first 3rd place ribbon. I won 100m and 200m race. I got 3rd place for both of them. GO GREEN!!!
    From Jason {:

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