Collaborative Science Inquiries

We began this term with a class shared inquiry into biology, life cycles of different animals in our classroom and ecosystems and how flora and fauna are interdependent.

Once we finished our shared inquiry, all students got to choose an area of science that they were interested in and formed small groups. Each group composed rich questions about their chosen area of science and started a collaborative inquiry.

We were considering how we can use the Arts to communicate our learning so each group has made a movie to communicate what their group discovered.

24 thoughts on “Collaborative Science Inquiries

  1. Dear Ailish,Ava and Elly,

    We liked how you researched to answer your rich question.We learnt soooooo much more about chemistry!!! We liked your photo story because it had so much information and great pictures.

    From your friends, El,Samantha and Jessica!!!

  2. Daniel, Josh and Luke,
    you did a great job with your presentation and I liked the experiment.

    From Gerard,Lachie and Jason

  3. Well done Ailish, Elly and Ava,

    We like how you answered your rich question.
    Maybe next time you could speak more fluently.

    From Alice, Edwina, Ariana, Bridget and Taya

  4. We liked your photo story because it had lots of detail. Something you should work on is you should try to talk a little quickly

  5. to the makers of chemistry movie.

    1 star is that they included heaps of info.

    1 wish is to speak louder and more clearer.

    • Dear Daniel, Luka and Josh,

      We liked how you spoke loudly so your audience could hear. Next time you could face your audience and your model could be a little stronger.

      From Taya, Bridget, Jessica, Ariana, Alice and Edwina

  6. To Daniel,joshua and Luke

    We thought you did an amazing job on your photo story.
    We really liked the way you taking in lould voice.

  7. Dear Daniel,Joshua and Luka,

    We learnt alot about volcanos. We learnt how they affect people in good and bad ways.

    From El,Samantha and Jessica!!!

  8. Ailish, Elly and Ava,

    You could improve on speaking louder. But you explained it very well and explained your rich quuestion.

    By Lachie Gerard and Jason

  9. Dear Lachie, Gerard, Jason and Mostyn,

    We liked your choice of music and how it wasn’t too loud. Also we thought you could put the information in your own words.

    By Taya, Ariana, Jessica, Bridget, Alice and Edwina πŸ™‚

  10. Dear Ben and Matthew,

    We liked how you went though all the phases of how the moon moves away from the sun.

    A goal for next time is to not put the music as loud because we could not hear your voice or some of the information.

    From El and Samantha!!!

  11. to Lachie, Mostyn, Gerard and Jason

    one star is that you added lots of information

    One wish is that you speak louder in the poster.

    good work guys πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ :O

  12. Dear Samantha ,EL and Jessica.
    We really enjoyed your photo story .Something you could improve on is to maybe slow down a bit when you talking.
    something you did well was you spoke clearly and loud.
    You girls did a great job ! By the way you chose a great topic.

    By Elly, Ava and Ailish!!!!!!!:)

  13. hello Lachie,Jason Mostyn and Gerard the things you did well in your project were that you added a lot of detail which blew our minds.Something you need to improve on is putting in words which you don’t know what they mean.

    By Matthew,Ben and Anthony

  14. To MattheW and benjamin

    A star for you is that you answered your rich question and explained it very well.

    A wish for you is to include more detail.

    By Mostyn, Gerard, Lachie and Jason πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  15. to El Sam and Jess

    one star is that you spoke very clearly.

    one wish is to speak more loudly

    good work girls πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  16. Dear Jason,Lachie,Gerard and Mostyn,

    We liked how you had lots of information in your poster and pho5to story. You did a great job of answering your rich question.

    A goal for next time is to use words that we know the meaning of or explain what that word means in your photo story or in your poster.

    From El and Samantha :D:)

  17. Dear Ariana,Taya,Bridget,Alice and Edwina,

    We liked how you bought in real life hermit crabs. They were sooooo cool!!! We also liked that you had lots of information in your photo story.

    A goal for next time is to put more information onto your poster.

    Awesome work girls πŸ˜€

    From El and Samantha!!! πŸ™‚

  18. Dear Jess, El and Sam,

    We think your photo story was really good and your music was at a perfect volume. Something you could work on is facing the audience.


    Ariana, Edwina, Bridget

  19. Ariana,Alice,Taya,Edwina and Bridget

    A wish for you is to add more detail to your poster.

    A star for you is when you answered the rich question πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ ^_^

    By Mostyn, Gerard,Lachie and Jason

  20. Samantha,El and Jessica,
    The things you did well was you answered your question and you got your own pictures for the photo story.
    Something you need to improve on is not taking to many photos of the baloon.

    By Matthew,Anthony and Ben

  21. Dear edwina , taya ,alice ,ariana and bridget

    we really liked your pictures and photostory
    it was brillant.

    by AVA,ELLY AND AILISH!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

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