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  1. Mary Mackillop

    Mary Helen Mackillopwas born in fitzroy, Melbourne on the 15th of January.

    Mary Mackillop suffered a stroke in 1902. Over the next few years her helth gradually got worse. On august the 4th, 1909 Carnial Morgan visited her sick room at the motherhouse in Mount St, north Sydeny. He left a comment ‘ I consider this dat I have assisted at the death bead of a saint.

  2. Some facts about Mary Makillop are:

    Mary Makillop was a nun when she was alive.

    She first opened a school in Penola in 1866.

    The building of Mary’s first school started as a stable, but had bricks layed over the years.

  3. 3 Facts about Mary Mackillop:

    1.Mary Mackillop is the first and only Australian saint.

    2.Mary Mackillop did not care if people were rich or poor,her school was for free.

    3.Mary Mackillop would not separate the poor children from the rich children.

    By El

  4. Interesting facts of Mary MacKillop are:

    Mary MacKillop was the first Australian saint.

    She left home so she could teach and she opened 17 schools in 3 years.

    Mary MacKillops feast day is on the 8th of august.

    Bibliography: Meet Mary MacKillop book.

  5. Some facts about Mary Mackillop are:

    1.Mary took religious vows on August 15th, 1867. She chose the name Sister Mary of the Cross.

    2.Mary’s life was spent in the battle for the establishment of true Catholic schools and other charitable institutions in Australia.

    3. Mary’s last words to her sisters were, “Whatever troubles may be before you, accept them cheerfully, remembering Whom you are trying to follow. Do not be afraid. Love one another, bear with one another, and let charity guide you in all your life.”




    Mary Helen McKillop was born on January 15th in 1842 to catholic parents of Scottish background in the family home in Brunswick street, Fitzroy, Melbourne. She was the eldest of eight children.

    Later, she moved to South Australia and together with Rev Woods, founded the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart. This was a group of religious sisters that set up a number of schools and welfare places, especially helping the poor people in the country areas.

    http://en.wikipedia.org / wiki / Mary_MacKillop

  7. Mary MacKillop
    1. Mary MacKillop was the first and only saint.

    2. Mary MacKillop was born on 1842; January 15th.

    3. Even though Mary MacKillop lived a full and active life, she made sure that she spent time each day in prayer and meditation – often late at night.

    4. Mary MacKillop was born on 15 January 1842 in Melbourne, Victoria. Her parents were born in Scotland and came to live in Australia. She had three sisters and four brothers.

    By Lachie!

  8. Mary Mackilop opened her first school in penola 1866 and was the first catholic school.

    She is Australia’s first saint and she cared for people who didn’t have people to look after them

  9. Sister Mary Mackillop also known as Saint Mary of the cross Mackillop, had a vision of educating the poor, in 1866 she opend a catholic school in Penola South Australia. It resembled a stable and then later a stronger building made of stone.

    Mary Mackillop is the first and only Australian to be recognised by the Catholic Church as a saint.

    ABC TV Compass (Mary, Miracles and Saints)
    Australian Dictionary of Biography)

  10. 3 facts about mary mackillop:

    1.she is also named Saint Mary of the cross
    2.she was the first Australian saint
    3.her first school started as a old wooden shack



  11. 1. Mary Mackillop was the first Australian saint
    And still is the only Australian saint.

    2. Mary Mackillop open a school in penola1866
    and it was the first catholic school. 🙂

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