Classroom Observations of mealworms

Grade 3/4 LB have been observing the lifecycle of mealworms in our classroom.

Grade 3/4LB what have you found particularly interesting about our classroom mealworms.

Grade 3/4 LB Mealworm Observations on PhotoPeach

16 thoughts on “Classroom Observations of mealworms

  1. What I find very interesting about the mealworms are that they shed their skin about several times. That they form a pupa.

    From Lachie!

  2. What I found interesting about the mealworms were that they start to shed their skin when their a baby. And it takes 6 to 12 months from baby mealworms to beetle.

  3. What I found interesting about the mealwormswere that there were only six when we bought them and after a while we found hundreds. I also liked experiencing a few of the stages of a meal worms life like when the mealworms shed there skin.

    I hope we see some more stages of a mealworms life in the next few weeks.

    By Mostyn. 🙂

  4. What I found interesting was that Mealworms have tiny holes on the sides of their body called spiracles, which allows them to breathe. Also that they shed their skin many times because their skin doesn’t stretch.

    From Alice!!!! 😉

  5. What I find interesting about meal worms (and other bugs) is that they can change into a beetle (or another creature) in a pupa. I think it would be fun to try going into a pupa as you and come out as someone different!

    By Edwina

  6. What I found interesting was that the mealworms skin doesn’t stretch and how it forms a pupa. I find the pupa’s very interesting because every other time that they shed their skin, it is very delicate, crumbly and it falls off, but when the pupa forms it is hard and it stays on the mealworms body.

  7. What I found interesting about the mealworm life cycle is that they go through 4 life stages, egg, lava, pupa, and adult. What I find fascinating is that a female mealworm beetle can lay about 500 eggs at a time.

  8. What I found interesting was that mealworms like to go in dark places. I also found that mealworm have segment which are the circles of the body.

    From Jason:)


    An interesting thing I didn’t know about mealworms is that when they grow up they become beetles. Another thing is that mealworms are white as babies and brown as adults.


    An interesting thing I didn’t know about crickets is that they lay eggs. Another thing is that crickets are such good hiders. I can never see them!

  10. I found doing the life cycle of a animal interesting.It helped me to learn better because:it is ease to understand more.

    It is sumtimes fun to make a photostory about a life cycle
    of animals,plants and things like that.

    I wonder if we are going to do another life cycle of
    something else as a class???

    from jessica in 3/4LB

  11. The thing that interest me the most is the developing stages of the frog life cycle especially the moment when their legs grow.

    An interesting fact that I learnt about meal worms was how they, from a meal worm develop into a black beetle. Another thing I learnt was that the mealworms shed their skin. There are two reasons they shed their skin:
    . it isn’t as stretchy as our skin
    . it helps them form the Pupa

    By Taya

  13. What I found interesting about the mealworm life cycle is how a small a meal worm is and how it turns into a big black beetle!!!

    I loved using photostory to create a little slide show about my learning and understanding of the different life cycles. I also liked that photostory allowed me to show my learning in a different way.

    I found every life cycle that we have done so far very interesting because I loved watching and hearing how one animal or insect turns into another animal or insect.

    What I found interesting about the frog life cycle is that how small they start in a tiny egg and their size when they are fully grown.

    What I liked about the butterfly life cycle is how beautiful the colours and patterns on their wings are.

    By El-Georgia

  14. What I found interesting about the mealworms is that they shed their skin several times and mealworms only live one year.

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