Life Cycles

life cycles

Research and explain the life cycle of an animal. You can choose any animal you would like to look at further.

Remember to write in paragraphs and check your spelling and punctuation before submitting.

Mrs Boyhan

Meal Worm Movies

We are communicating our learning through the art of movie making.We are raising meal worms in our classroom and have been biologists.

We have been observing the mealworms and collecting data about them. We have used this reasearch to draw conclusions about the meal worm. We have also researched about them through our reading and the internet.

Here are our movies explaining some of what we have learnt.

The Life Cycle of a Frog

This term we are being scientists and as a class we are inquiring into the life cycles of different animals and how these are interdependent on each other.

We started with the life cycle of the frog. This week in writing we have been exploring this life cycle and we have made a movie about it. We started with writing a story board and then we learnt hot to create a movie using Photo Story.

Grade 3/4 watch the videos our class has made. Then leave constructive feedback about how everyone has used ‘the Arts’ (movie making) to communicate their learning.