The Galaxy



Grade 3/4 your challenge is:

what is the science you see in this picture?

Can you make it into a story that will hook me in?


I can’t wait to read your brilliant writing!! πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “The Galaxy

  1. One day I went to my favourite cousin’s house. I had a look around the house and there was some paintings and one of them looked very strange and real. I touched the panting and my hand went into it then all of a sudden I fell through the panting, I was inside another galaxy. I figured out how to exscape so I jumped back through the inside of the panting to the outside of the painting.Then I traveld back home and rested.
    The End

  2. It was a beautiful night in werewolf wood and I was lost. I heard a werewolf howl. I screamed. I know I shouldn’t have screamed because now I heard a werewolf slowly walking towards me. I was really scared so I ran my fastest to my right and I saw a even bigger and more scary werewolf. It lunged at me and just then, I woke with a start. “phew”, I said. “It was only a dream. I always hoped this would’t happen to me in real life. πŸ™‚

  3. I was in the forest and I was so scared because a hungry giant was chasing me from behind. I had been running for as long as I can remember and I was so tired so I looked back and The giant was no we’re to be seen. And then I turned back and I saw the giant I screamed but it was no use the giant picked me up and covered my mouth. And then My mum woke me up and said I heard you screaming and I rushed over. “Phew” I hade a terrible dream. πŸ™‚

  4. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What an amazing sight. I am a scientist. this is a galaxy. it also could be the biggest and strangest black hole. i don’t know what it is, but it is the largest galaxy i know. plus i think it is the closest one to earth.

  5. In the dead of night the galaxy awoke with a shimmer of lights. It was beautiful. The stars shone in the night sky as I walked across the landscape of the forest. Wanting my father to come back, I looked up. I just knew I had to go up there and see what was taking so long….. ” What was taking so long?”


  6. Here I am in my spooky house. Mum just came home and bought me a wallpaper , it has trees, a dark scary blue sky and I went through it and I was in this different galaxy. I tried to jump back through and it didn’t work, I tried again and jumped out it worked and then a monster jumped out and I ran. πŸ™‚

  7. I hoped into bed and left the door a tiny bit open I saw a something creep past the window I tried to imagine who or what it was I leaped out of bed and lit up the candle with matches I walked to my dad but he wasn’t there I saw a big bump on the other side I thought it was my mum and then I pulled the cover off the bed and mum wasn’t there. I went outside to the forest and saw two adults walking with something in their hands they threw it up in the air and sparkles shimmered everywhere they started walking back to my house and only then I realised they were my parents I went back and fell asleep. In the morning I had breakfast and asked why they did it. But then I realised it was just a dream. I also realised they were holding a potion. THE END.

  8. On night two people went star gazing when they were looking at the stars they saw a black hole.the black hole was moving towards them and sucked them up and it brought them up to mars.

  9. The perfect time for astronomy,
    All the stars in line,
    The planets are very bright and shine,
    The sap on the trees all drip in time,
    The plants in the forest start to thrive,
    The sky lightens as the sun comes out from hiding,
    Guess what it is morning.

  10. One day there was a beautiful starry night. I wish I could go up and touch the sky but I couldn’t. Then while I was sleeping the strong wind blew me then I got up. I went outside and the starry midnight sky was still there. I walked along the pathway and looked up. It was just so beautiful I couldn’t stop looking at it. I stayed there for the whole night and then it became 6:00 in the morning. I was sad but then I thought it might come tonight.

  11. There I was walking through a dark and gloomy night, when suddenly I felt the ground shaking and my heart pounding in horror!!!! and then I saw a burst of lightening come out of the ground then another, THEN ANOTHER !!!!!!! I started running through the dark dark forest, but it was no use the burst of lightning kept on getting closer and closer. Then a huge rock fell on me

    THE END !!!!!!!!

  12. I walked down the track on a cold winters night with my four friends, Alice, Amber, Ariana and Bethany. We walked down the winding path talking about what we would find at the end. There at that moment there became a fork in the road we split up. Ariana and I went right and the others went left. As we walked we shone our torches on the surface of the ground in case of any thing that should not be there.” I think we should look up in the trees there’s more likely to be something strange up high.” We looked up there was the most gorgeous sight we had ever seen. The galaxy was shining brightly in the starry black sky. We turned around and ran back to the fork in the road waiting for the others…

  13. The sun slowly went down behind where the land meets the sky. A beautiful pink and bright orange sky appeared. I wish I could touch it, but it was to far away. Suddenly the night sky struck, everything went black. A huge gust of wind blew me into my warm and cosy bed. My instinct told me to shut my eyes and go to sleep. After a few ordinary hours a bright, glowing light shone through my bedroom window. I could not believe it, an amazing sight was right in front of my eyes. I glittery, shimmery starry night shimmered in the wind. I feel super lucky to have seen this amazing sight but some people might be resting all there troubles away. But some might be having wonderful dreams.

  14. On the 31st of June , Halloween my family and I had a humongous feast. I asked if I could go to the toilet. I went in the direction of the toilet but I headed straight for my bedroom. When I got there I climbed out of the window with my telescope. The newspaper said that tonight was going to have lots of stars. I really wanted to explore it. I went into the woods scared as I passed the creepy trees. I set my telescope on a rock and looked inside. I COULD SEE ALL THE CONSTELLATIONS!!!! I wondered how I could see all the constellations.

  15. One beautiful morning I woke up and got ready for an exciting weekend. I packed my bags and hopped in the car with mum. We were going to camp for today. We brought snacks and our tents. After arriving at a particular spot in the famous camping grounds, we found the perfect spot to set up our camp. After a while, it started to get dark and we decided to go stargazing. Mum and I lay on the grass outside our tents and looked at the stars. I wondered about the milkyway and the galaxies unknown out there. I wanted to know more…

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