News Reports about the Brain

Grade 3/4 have been scripting and filming news reports about the brain. They did a great job at scripting including lots of their new knowledge about how the brain effects their learning.

When you watch these news reports please leave feedback using the www thinking routine (what worked well, what would be even better).

Oh and your teacher knows what would work better for her with filming use the camera not the Ipad!! Sorry Grade 3/4 πŸ™



27 thoughts on “News Reports about the Brain

  1. Maybe Jess you should scratch and pat your head before the video started but other wise you were good and taya you need to speak louder and so do you Jess
    Well done

  2. We’ll done,
    Ben and Gerard I think you spoke clearly but next time maybe look at the camera more so we can hear you talk.

  3. You don’t need to speak in a silly voice Jason! Try and make it easier to understand! We like how you took turns and everyone got a turn reading. :):)

  4. Good job Jason, Mathew and Daniel. We liked how you had accents and the pictures to help us understand. Something you could work on next time is to speak more confidently.

  5. Great work Ailish, El and Elly we liked how you spoke confidently and we also liked how you looked at the camera not the paper too much. Maybe next time you could use more pictures to help us understand.

  6. We all liked that you spoke loud so we could hear you. You can work on making the story more interesting. πŸ™‚

  7. Ailish and El that was wonderful. I liked how you were pointing at the brain Ailish.
    Next time you could not put up the rat because I didn’t know what it was for.

  8. Ben and Gerard,next time you should improve by talking louder.One thing you did well was used lots of time practicing.
    Well done!:):)

  9. Maybe Ben should stop mumbling the words and Gerard should look at the camera more. We learnt lot’s more facts about the brain and you had lots of information. Good job!!! πŸ™‚

  10. Excellent work Mostyn and Cooper we liked how you spoke clearly but maybe next time you can use some props.

  11. Ariana, Ava and Edwina, we all think that you spoke clearly but you need to work on learning your scripts better. πŸ™‚

  12. Jason,Daniel and Matthew,you did well by using expression. Something you need to improve on is not to look at your script as much.
    Well done!

  13. Good job Taya, Jessica and camera lady Alice. We really liked how you used props like the white board and the poster. Maybe next time you could speak more confidently and look up more.

    • Hi Taya and Jess,
      I agree with Alice, Josh and Ariana -You need to give more eye-contact and speak more loudly and clearly. You don’t need to be nervous! When did you do this?
      From, Bethany(3/4LE)

  14. Hi Girls!!!
    You did a fantastic job!
    Maybe Jess you should be a bit more organised before the camera starts and maybe Taya should talk a bit more louder:)
    You rock!!!!!:)

  15. Ailish and El I can’t stop talking about your show. You guys were just so good. You guys had lot’s of information and that is one of the best shows today!!!

  16. Alish and El you did a good job by showing the pictures.Next time you could improve by talking louder
    and using expression.
    Well done!

  17. Excellent work Ariana, Edwina and Ava, we really liked how you spoke confidently and looked at the camera. A wish is to not rush through and use more pictures and props.

  18. Hi Taya and Jessie, your video was awesome I liked the war Taya tried to not look at the paper as much, I think Jessie should be more organised
    Great work guys !!!!

  19. Fantastic news reports Grade 3/4! My children in England really enjoyed watching these. We were very impressed with how much you know about the brain. It would be fantastic if you could come and read some of our blogs too. Check out:

    Mr Leaver
    (Teacher in Reading, England)

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