Homework – A Pathway to Where?

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Calling all Grade 3/4 LB amazing authors, what does this picture mean to you?ย What does it remind you of?ย How does it make you feel?

I look forward to reading your brilliant creative writing.

You need to write a paragraph in response to this picture.

Your response may take the form of:

  • A descriptive piece
  • A story starter
  • A poem
  • A recount

Your response must:

  • Be 5 to 6 sentences in length (no longer, no shorter)
  • Use correct grammar and punctuation
  • Have been self-edited before publishing
  • Be published on the class blog before Thursday

26 thoughts on “Homework – A Pathway to Where?

  1. Hmmm. I wonder where this goes. It’s a green train tunnel. It has light green plants all over it. But it also has lots of white flowers. GAAHHH! I see a white train coming! Where can I hide?

  2. This is going on for ever! Exclaimed Cooper. I was on some kind of pathway in the forest. Why did I ever go to this place? How am I going to get home? Just then I heard a rustle in the leaves.

  3. On my way to vist my friend I stumbled across an enchanted tunnel in the train tracks. It was like a maze surrounded by leafy greens. I loved this enchanted place, so quickly I ran to my friends house to show her what I discovered.

  4. A very grassy train track went through a grassy tunnel. “I was on that scary train ride, I was so scared at that moment that I hoped all the grass would not stop the All the other passengers were scared to when, all of a sudden way ahead of us there was all this grass growing real fast. When you got closer you could see a wall of big thick green leafy grass. In moment everyone was staring at the wall in shock! The next I saw was black! …

  5. There I was,walking amongst the tall green trees, when suddenly I fell into a hole in the ground!!! it was a very long fall, when I got to the bottom I saw lots of green bushes and I didn’t know where I was. I thought that it was an enchanted forest!!! I walked inside it and I saw a whole new world!!! The land had lots of different people from different countries. Unfortunately it was time to say goodbye, I was upset but I knew I would come back to visit.

  6. One wonderful day a boy named Andy went for a walk when suddenly, everything froze. Andy started to see a long pathway that looked like it never ended. Andy decided to walk through. It seemed like Andy was getting smaller and smaller. He was scared and worried but then, he saw a shining door which lead him back to the real world and, everybody was moving again. Andy wondered how the door took him back.

  7. I think this a rail way that leads to a house. It look old and abandoned because there are lots of over grown trees and grass. I think that the rail way is very light it also looks like it is very long.

    One day I went and explored it and my thought were all wrong.


  8. There once was a path to nowhere,
    To walk it was a great dare.
    Because where it goes,
    Nobody knows.
    As NO ONE comes back from there!!!

  9. I fall down a hole, it feels as though I have dropped 200ft. I land flat on the ground and I stand up. I see a beautiful green hedge that goes on for hundreds of miles, what should I do? I run down the path for ages but it has no end. I turn around and my bed. ” Wake up it time for school”, my mother says shaking me, it was a dream ( all of it ).

  10. Suddenly we found ourselves going through a emerald, lush green archway. Was there something wrong with the train driver? This weird archway looked like it went on for miles and would never have a end to it. I could hardly see what was at the end because of all the lush. Had it been used for a while? I wonder how long it was to build? I wonder if there is danger at the end? I was pretty sure we were going the wrong way when we found………….. a end. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Dear Alice,

      We both really liked your writing. The first sentence really made us think of the picture in our heads. We wonder what will happen next.

      From Remy (3.4.T) and Sarah(3.4.T

  11. My friend Sarah and I were sitting in a magic train wondering where it would take us.

    Suddenly, Sarah saw something beautiful ahead. The railway was covered with walls of green trees, all touching and forming a roof.

    Sarah said, “Look over there! I wonder what is at the end of the railway and where the tree tunnel will take us.”

    “Let’s find out,” I replied.

  12. Once I went walking through the forest and saw a train track.I walked across it and went to the waiting platform for a train to arrive.I heard a huge grinding sound and then a train came and it opened the door for me to get in.The train holding gallons of people (including me) went speeding and I saw amazing plants and animals.I saw a animal I’d never seen before.

    By Luka’s

  13. The miniature monkey sat atop the fresh green leaves of the forest trees. He wished that he had found this paridise earlier, but he hadn’t and now the snake was giving him so much grief. They were in a fierce battle over territory (the train track and all the lush trees).It was now getting late and although they were tired and running out of patience, the battle commenced. Snake finally cracked and left his position from around a tree, he headed home. The next morning the miniture monkey was woken by a branch above him snapping above him, he slowling opened his eyes and looked up. sitting above him he saw…

    • Hi Ariana
      Your writing is fantastic, I especially liked how you used a lot of describing words because it made me feel like I was there. Your ending was excellent and really left me thinking. I would like to read more of your writing.
      From Sally ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey Ariana,
      What a great story! It was very interesting. Next time maybe you could describe the mini monkey and the snake, but you have described the setting really well!
      Your friend, Bethany ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. One day I saw an enormous hole filled with green weeds stuck to it. I wanted to go in but I heard my mother shouting, โ€Get into the house boy!โ€ I really wanted to explore it so I said no and jumped into the hole. Oh no I thought, Iโ€™m stuck in humongous weeds. I tried to get out but it was no use. My arm was stuck but I reached out and got my pen knife to free myself. I kept falling and falling until I hit the solid stone floor. WOAH! I was tangled by a weed of a carnivore plant…

  15. One day when I was playing in my Grandmother’s big garden I saw a bush that was shinning I wanted to see what would happen next. So I pulled the bush back and I saw a secret partway I walked and walked .I began to think when would this end ,then I reached the big wooden door I opened it and saw a glowing light when I steped inside the door I falled down a big black hole I kept on falling. . . and falling. . .

  16. I went on a family picnic, while I was there I took a fun train ride through the most amazing forest. I could hear the birds humming sweetly, I felt peaceful, everything seemed so still I couldn’t even see a leaf move. I hopped off the train and walked further into the forest, I wanted to take in the natural smells of nature and feel the warmth of the sun against my skin. It was so beautiful, I felt like I was in another world, a princess far far away like in an enchanted fairytale.

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